How To Determine If Your Subconscious Mind Is Creating Something Involving A Past Life You Have Had

Many times I work with clients whose current lives are being affected by unlearned, unfinished business from a past life. Most people are not taught that this can occur. Why? Because there is an interest worldwide, to keep humanity down. Keeping humanity down allows certain others to thrive, while the rest move through their lives without aim or purpose. Keeping human beings without aim or purpose, leads to the types of things we are currently experiencing. So, if you want to live your life with purpose – find out what is causing you to create your current reality. The subconscious mind is your hard drive. Whatever has been stored within it, now creates your reality. This is a simplistic explanation yes, and much more is involved, but the subconscious mind is an excellent place to begin.

What have you experienced in your current life that has been painful? That’s a great question to ask yourself and a great place to begin. Many times I work with clients who are adept at reading energies, but they cannot help themselves. This question is a start point: What have you experienced in your current life that has been painful?

Whatever has occurred that is painful, is something that you have most likely created in a past life and have not learned from it. Think of it this way – when you are in elementary school and learning math, you will not graduate to the next grade level until you can do addition, such as 1+1=2. Again, simplistic in explanation, but stick with me.

Life guarantees for you a few things, one of which is: you will not ascend or go to the next level – until you complete your required learning assignments. So, whatever has occurred in your current lifetime that you can say was painful, know that it is most likely tied to an “unlearned” past life lesson. Whatever lessons you have tasked yourself to learn and you do not, you carry the lessons forward into your next incarnation. I will stop right here and provide these affirmations for those of you who have been programmed subconsciously that there is no such thing as reincarnation.

Affirmation: I choose to be sovereign. 10x

Affirmation: I have chosen to experience life and learn. 10x

So, who tasks us with our learning lessons? Surely we love ourselves and would not task ourselves with car accidents, debt, ill health, a shitty job, and so on. Right? Well, the truth is, we task ourselves with whatever learning lessons we want to learn and master. We know, our soul knows, that life on Earth provides lessons in extremes, lessons in light versus dark, lessons in love versus hate – duality. Duality affords tremendous learning opportunities in a very short period of time. Again, why would we want to task learning lessons that are painful experiences we go through? Isn’t there an easier way? Yes there is – start to heal yourself by identifying and releasing any and all past life lessons you have not yet learned. This is what working with an intuitive energy healer can do for you. I have discussed with many clients the fact that you are creating your reality each and every day. Collectively we share in our current reality. This means everyone on this Earth is tasked with healing themselves, and when they do, the collective of all humanity will change. We are in the process of this right now.

So what past life lessons are you re-creating in your present life? Anything that is painful to you, whether it is physical pain, psychic pain, mental pain, emotional pain, etc – you are re-creating past life unlearned lessons. Here is a very simple example to explain this:

I had a client contact me with a chief complaint of fainting. She stated she fainted at random, however, upon further query she indicated she fainted mostly within closed-in spaces with alot of people – such as a movie theatre, church, or any other gathering of alot of people within a confined space. This client stated she even fainted at work once. She worked in a large multi-story building with no windows to open, i.e. the trapped energy within the work building was highly charged with toxic energy that had nowhere to go.

When I connected to this client during her session, I asked her subconscious mind: What is the root cause reason for intermittent, random fainting? Her subconscious mind indicated she was kept confined in a past life with alot of other people for “inspection”. To me this seemed very much like coming thru Ellis Island-type stuff. There was no confinement with malicious intent, however, being confined, tested, and judged for entry into the United States was a past life experience this client’s soul never learned from. What was the life lesson here? That everyone is created equal. This client’s soul was denied entry into the USA via Ellis Island in this past life as there were already a sufficient number of immigrants admitted thru, from this soul’s country of origin. The sting of rejection was so large while in a confined space with alot of other people and that energy of rejection was still active within her subconscious mind, which means while in a confined space with alot of other people in her current life, this soul would be triggered, the energy of “rejection” would be triggered. This was the root cause reason for her fainting at supposed random, intermittent times, however, she was fainting when in confined spaces with alot of people. This client released all energy of rejection and this dissolved the need to create fainting. This client went on to participate in workshops to raise her level of self confidence, raise her level of self esteem – once the underlying energy of “rejection” was fully released.

So with this example above, we see that the painful experience of fainting was being created in her current lifetime, because of an unlearned lesson from a past life wherein she experienced epic rejection. Learning that we are all equal is something most human beings suffer with today, as we are all subconsciously programmed to divide and separate. As we remain divided and separated, those who created these subconscious programs live a completely different life than the rest of us. We are all here to stop re-creating past life unlearned lessons and come together as one, because we are all equal.

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