“Being” is who you are; you are a human “being”. We are often under the belief that we are here to “do” rather than “be”. To “do” is human, whereas to “be” is not…..or something to that effect. The human being is who we are yet how often are you “doing” as opposed to “being”. Let’s get right into an example of this “doing” versus “being”.

I saw our fictitious client Betty because she desired an overhaul to her life, which she stated was filled with nonstop “doing”. Betty stated she was working the traditional 40 hours per week at a job she did not like. Betty stated she did this job because of the bills. Her paycheck paid her bills. Betty worked a 2nd job on the weekends and did not enjoy that 2nd job either. The 2nd job was to pay for things beyond her bills. Betty was working 2 jobs 7 days per week and was now beginning to hit the brick wall. Most days Betty stated she was too tired to have any fun and preferred to sleep as much as possible when not working. Betty described her life as work and sleep, and not much else. Betty was referred to me by a friend of hers who had great success in healing an issue and thought that Betty needed change in her life. Betty agreed.

During Betty’s 1st session with me, her subconscious indicated she had an addiction to work. Addictions of any kind are created when the heart is not receiving or giving love. The heart desires love – to give and receive love – and when that is not being created, addictions form. Addictions are a very powerful form of energy that can destroy a person. Betty’s addiction to work originated from an ancestor, called inherited epigenetics. This inherited addiction to work was released during Betty’s 1st session.

During Betty’s 2nd session, her subconscious indicated her mind had a thought that cemented into a conviction. That thought was……life should be lived as my mind tells me. Living life based on what your mind tells you is torture. The mind is your computer. The heart is what guides you in life. When the mind thinks a thought, it can turn into a belief. When a belief turns into a conviction, the energy becomes like cement in the mind. This means whatever the thought and belief is, that becomes a conviction, it rules your life. Betty’s thought that she should be living as her mind tells her to, was released. Bear in mind that convictions will cripple you, not physically, but in your life as a whole. Convictions can be any form of a thought and belief that has escalated to the level of being cemented in place. Cement is a very strong kind of energy which is immovable, very very immovable. Betty successfully released her minds conviction that life should be lived as her mind told her.

When life begins to feel like its draining, you most definitely want to find out what is causing that. Your subconscious knows exactly what’s causing that.

During Betty’s 3rd and final session with me, her subconscious indicated she had very serious cords of energy connecting her to suffering. Energy cords are invisible to the naked eye. Energy cords connect us to someone else or something else. In Betty’s case, she connected energetically to suffering. Betty carried in from a past life the experience of suffering. Whatever we do not heal during our lifetime, we come back and begin again with the same issue. As I was going through my own healing years ago, that was always my catalyst……that I refuse to re-create this issue over again. When people have had enough, when they hit rock bottom, they tend to reach out for help to heal themselves. Denying yourself the ability to fully heal means your issue will likely stay with you from one lifetime to the next. Think about what you have experienced thus far in your life and ask yourself……Do I really want to re-create this all over again? Not me! As you know from reading my newsletters, all of us are here on the Earth as a human being to heal ourselves, which requires that we go within and release all that does not reveal our best and highest good called…I Am.

Betty was able to release her past life experience with suffering as well as sever her energy cords with suffering. Betty was able to begin self publishing books she had written long ago. Betty stated that she always had a buried desire to cook. Betty’s joy was cooking. Betty had compiled recipes she created over the years along with her mother and grandmother’s recipes, and began to self publish her cookbooks. Betty began looking to change from her job during the week, to a career in cooking. Betty was able to make the change and eventually left her weekend job also. I have gone on to work with Betty’s 3 children, all of whom inherited the addiction to work. Betty reported back that after a year and a half, she was now happily being herself. She had a position at a restaurant as a cook working under an executive chef. Her creativity with food was coming forth every day at her place of employment. She was no longer tired and was living as a human being. To all those who think that life is “doing”, it’s not. Life is meant to “be” lived.

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