Most people living on planet Earth today have some sort of physical symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Today I would like to address physical symptoms and their connection to your energy body.

To keep things simple, think of yourself as a nesting doll. A smaller doll is encased by a larger doll and so on. Human beings are the same as a nesting doll. Your physical body is encased within a field of energy, your magnetic field. This can be referred to as your energy body. We are not taught about our energy body and therefore we are unaware of how our own energy body interacts with our physical body. Most physical symptoms are dealt with on a physical level. This leaves out a key part of ourselves, our energy body. How does the energy body relate to the physical body if we are not aware it even exists? Step one: acknowledge that you do in fact have an energy body which encases your physical body. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. We begin by choosing to acknowledge our energy body with this affirmation:

Affirmation: “I choose to acknowledge my energy body.”

Now that we have acknowledged our energy body, how does it cause symptoms in the physical body. Let us look at an example.

One of my clients has given me permission to share their issue and of course the name has been changed. The client will be called Bob. Bob contacted me for assistance because he was having trouble with a pain in his left leg. The pain was described as intermittent, aching. The pain was surprising to Bob because he lived a very active, healthy lifestyle. He was told there was no physical reason causing this pain. This happens to people quite often, where they attempt to receive an answer to what is causing a particular physical symptom. They may undergo tests and/or be referred to specialists only to be told there is no clear cut answer.

When Bob contacted me, the cause of his physical symptom was coming from something he needed to release from his energy body. Bob’s resistance to change was trapped within his energy body and had now progressed into his physical body, showing up as this physical symptom of left leg pain. I worked with Bob to clear his resistance to change and the physical symptom of intermittent leg pain dissolved. That was 10 months ago, and since then his physical symptom has not returned.

What I am teaching is that the physical body and energy body of human beings are connected. All healing must be done to the energy body in order to effect changes within the physical body. All life experiences can affect your energy body.

What do you have trapped within your energy body that is causing you to have physical symptoms? Many physical symptoms are caused by imbalances in the energy body. This is what I can help you determine and clear.

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