How Life Truly Works

Have you read the children’s book by Neale Donald Walsch called The Little Soul and the Sun? I highly recommend that you do, especially if you are an adult. Although advertised as a children’s book, Mr. Walsch has captured the soul’s journey in a very simple manner. Concepts we are not familiar with are best taught via simplicity. Let’s take a look at his book and discuss key points.

When we are a soul not yet inside a physical body, we exist as pure. We are pure light, pure truth, and pure love. In order to learn life lessons, we reincarnate – the same soul inside different bodies experiencing life. Those adept at learning their lessons have an easier time than those who ignore the lessons. This book written for children is in fact a phenomenal teaching tool for adults. Reading this book awakens the adult to truths long forgotten, i.e. how life truly works.

Before your soul inhabits a physical body now or in the past, you agreed to learn certain life lessons. You incarnate into your physical body and forget those agreements you made with other souls. The forgetting part leads to pain all around. Acknowledge that you have karma that you are experiencing with others and once you do, the relationship/situation will stop serving you.

Affirmation: I choose to acknowledge I am creating my own life as it is. 5x

Once a soul recognizes the truth, your higher self/subconscious mind seeks to correct/heal the issue and continuing to learn/move forward. Moving forward looks different for each person, however, without healing yourself, no one moves forward – not you and not the other person/people. Agree to this concept of remembering who and what you truly are – a soul filled with immense light who is here in a physical body on this Earth to learn. Learning means change. Release your fear of change.

Affirmation: I choose to acknowledge I am not fear. 5x

In conclusion, I would like to thank Neale Donald Walsch for writing this book. I often recommend that my clients read this book to familiarize their conscious mind with how life truly works. After reading this book, many clients report back that they feel more at ease, yet can’t put their finger on it as to why. The ‘why’ is because this book resonates with their soul.

More and more, life will be pushing humanity to be who and what they truly are. In order to be who and what you truly are, you must already have the foundation that you are here because you chose to be and your experiences reflect what is within you on a subconscious level.

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