How Does Energy Healing Work?

I receive many emails, texts and phone calls asking me to explain what it is that I do. I describe what I do as: “intuitive energy healing”. What does this mean exactly?

Intuition is defined as knowing. This means I have the ability/gift to “know” what is within your subconscious mind, energy body, soul, and heart. I am able to receive a client’s energy and know what lies within the subconscious mind, energy body, soul, and heart. It is very important for each person here on this planet to know what is within their own subconscious mind. Why is it important to know what is (specifically) within your subconscious mind? Because whatever is within your subconscious mind is creating your reality on a daily basis.

Many people do not know that they are very powerful creators. Many people think life happens to them, which is victimhood or victim consciousness. Victim consciousness is living without your power, or powerless. This is a very difficult way to live. We are all created the same, and we are all powerful creators living life based upon pre-life scripts. These pre-life scripts need to be reviewed and deleted if they are not serving your best and highest good. This is where most people are lost. They attempt to heal symptoms or issues and cannot get anywhere. This is where working with an intuitive energy healer can be beneficial to you. When you work with an intuitive energy healer, you are literally hearing from your own higher self. Your higher self is telling you the truth. The truth shall set you free, or in other words – the truth heals. Once you are able to consciously understand the root cause reason(s) for creating __________ (fill in your chief complaint), you can then release it and heal. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Many people contact me looking to change. Many people contact me for appointments, interested in healing themselves at the root level. When someone wishes to change/heal at the root level, they often hear the truth from their own subconscious mind and this can be terrifying. This is one of the top reasons why people do not work with an intuitive energy healer – because they are terrified to hear from their higher self. Why would someone be terrified to hear from their own subconscious mind (higher self)? Because the truth hurts. Most of the time, a client has a pre-set conscious thought about what is causing __________ (their chief complaint or reason/s for having a session in the first place). The conscious mind is considered to be part of the lower self, or ego. Oftentimes the truth from your own subconscious mind will rub up against the ego, and friction occurs, which means the client may go into denial about what has come up during their session. Truth vibrates a certain energy, as does false. False is a low vibration, whereas truth is a high vibration. If you have false subconscious thoughts, false subconscious programs, false subconscious experiences – stored within your subconscious mind – this is considered toxic and low vibrational. Your subconscious mind vibrates false, which then causes your energy body to vibrate false, a low vibration. Having a low vibrational energy body affects your physical body. Therefore, as the saying goes – healing is an “inside” job.

Once we identify the root cause reason for your chief complaint, you begin releasing it, your energy body vibrates at a higher level, and your physical body can then balance itself (create homeostasis within itself). As this species begins to delve more and more into the vibration of truth over false in all areas of life, the truth about healing the self will be coming to the forefront – and this is great news. For those of you looking to heal yourself from ____________ (fill in your chief complaint here), contact me at: today!

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