Great question on a day like today. One of my clients’ children actually asked me this question and thought it appropriate to create a Newsletter in response to that question.

All fear is……is untruth.

We as human beings have been shit shoveled untruth about many things for so very long, whether it’s in this current lifetime or in a past life. Guess what… all stays stored within you on either a subconscious level or energetic level. Let’s all release fear together. Let’s all release untruth together. Here is a great affirmation for all to state over and over again, especially on a day like today……..I Am.

When we speak words, they are energy and directly contribute to your reality, which is what you experience. Stating “I Am” declares who and what you truly are….light and love….divine love and light…..divine means self, higher self. All in all, we souls come here and inhabit physical bodies looking for relief from fear, which is untruth. Look within and ask yourself….Where am I harboring fear most of all? If you are honest, the answer will be 10x out of 10….my conscious mind, which is ego. Here is another affirmation and this one effectively turns off the false self – ego.

I have chosen to release all fear.

If you feel sick after stating that affirmation, contact me to schedule an intuitive energy healing session in order to take your power back from fear. Who or what have you given your power away to? For most simple humans, meaning benevolent, they have subconsciously given away their power via subconscious programs installed without their authorization. For more details, look for my next newsletter in a few days.

For everyone reading my Newsletters, love and light to you all!

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