How Carrying Forward Unlearned Past Life Lessons Affects You In The Now

When a soul is about to incarnate inside a new life (new physical body on the earth during a new timeline) that soul comes in with baggage. Picture yourself at the airport carrying tons of suitcases and bags for a very lengthy vacation. If you show up carrying 15 suitcases and 2 backpacks all by yourself, most likely you check in curbside and pay a baggage handler to help you load your baggage and wheel it into the terminal to check in for your flight. Sorting out the bags is done by the airline you fly on, and hopefully once you land all your baggage is there for you to pickup and navigate out of the terminal with you, as you start your lengthy vacation. Think of this analogy as we place it over your life.

You arrive as a baby into a preplanned biological family by choice. If you are adopted, your biological family was and still remains your family by choice – same as your adoptive parents. We grow up learning things from our family. Lots of things. As we get old enough to live our own lives, we quote-unquote “leave the nest” and begin life on our own or with a partner. As we leave the nest, we have accumulated more baggage. Instead of carrying around 15 suitcases, some people take on family energy and now carry around 50 suitcases. The number is irrelevant. The point is, energy is carried forward with us even if we have “left the nest” and no longer reside with the family. Why? Because we are close – soul to soul beings who agree to take on ancestral energy to heal it. Let’s take an example of a real client session. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the client, who gave permission to use this session as an example to teach others.

Beverly booked an intuitive energy healing session with me, stating she was getting married next year and was already fighting heavily with her husband over wedding arrangements. She wanted a small wedding and he wanted big. They could not meet in the middle. This was the very least of their arguments, yet stuck in Beverly’s craw the most. Once I connected to Beverly’s subconscious, her subconscious showed me a movie reel that “looked” like this:

In a past life, Beverly’s soul was a male physical body living in the time period on earth we label the dark ages. The dark ages took place over many hundreds of years on earth. During that time, anyone who flouted the church and/or king of the day, faced possible execution. Beverly’s soul as a male in this past life during the dark ages was killed for healing others. All healers were deemed a threat to the government of that time period. Brute force has been used by those in power when they have the urge to show the little people who the big people are. We all know what this means.

Because Beverly’s soul experienced a forced removal from life itself in a past life during the dark ages, she brought this past life experience and past life memory of being taken out by force by other human beings, and vowed (solemn promise) never ever to be part of harmony here on earth. A vow made millions of years ago or today, is energy. A vow is a solemn promise. A solemn promise that is malevolent to self or the whole (others) must be broken now at this time, as unbroken malevolent vows will quote-unquote “come back to haunt you”. Not as in a ghost type haunting, but real life pain.

Beverly agreed to break the vow made to never ever live in harmony on this earth. It took 6 weeks of continued self healing post session, with barefoot grounding, hibiscus tea, and Epsom salt baths. After 6 weeks I worked with Beverly again and she reported back to me that she was fully ready to release everything else within her subconscious from this past life experience of being forcibly removed from life long ago.

We began her second session by cutting energy cords to the man she was going to marry in this current lifetime. When people fight with each other – as partners, spouses, coworkers, neighbors, etc., they unknowingly create energy cords that attach forever. A cord of energy is an avenue where energy travels from one person to the other person, back-and-forth, unabated. It is mostly toxic negative malevolent energy being passed back and forth. Other people’s energy can and does affect you, and this is one example of how: creating and having energy cords with other people that are toxic and affecting you.

For Beverly, we successfully severed energy cords to her soon to be husband.

During Beverly’s 3rd and final session, she started to cry when I read her her subconscious mind’s message, which is repeated here verbatim:

Beverly, what is it you need to release at the root level during today’s session?:

Beverly’s subconscious message: “My mind’s in tolerance of human beings in general. This intolerance began before the dark ages, when I lived in modern-day Turkey. I belonged to a secret sect labeled the Essenes. We were a very high-level group of healers, astrologers, etc., who inhabited various places throughout our modern day middle east. We began to see Rome having an effect on humanity at large – malevolent effect – and secluded ourselves away in judgment of those we called low-level human beings. We began to be intolerable of humanity at large. I brought with me into many lifetimes after that one, this life lesson called “intolerance”. Intolerance of others is born out of the thought: “I am better than”. This life lesson is now ready to be released by me, and once I do I will have mastered it. The life lesson I am mastering is called: “thou shall not judge”. By judging the self, we judge others and vice versa. Those who actively judge someone else are in truth judging themselves. Those who judge themselves now occupy this earth on a large scale and are here to learn and master this lesson the hard way or the easy way. I return all judgment to where it originated – the human mind.”

Beverly’s subconscious then dictated affirmations to state to release all judge, all intolerance, and disconnect her mind from the collective conscious, which she labeled the one mind of humanity.

After that Beverly was on maintenance follow-ups for one year and reported back reduced levels of intolerance and anger at her now husband. She stated her wedding was a big one and she later admitted to thanking her future husband for insisting on sharing their special day with many loved ones.

What we take away from this one example is this: You carry baggage into your current lifetime even if your mind tells you that you do not.

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