Hearing Your Physical Body

Oftentimes I work with clients who have had symptoms in their body that they have either ignored or suppressed, and their symptoms got louder and louder until the symptom(s) were unbearable. What causes people to do this?

There are many answers to that question, but the main one is conditioning. We are conditioned to give our power away – the thought that someone else knows what’s best for us. I teach my clients to “tune in” to their own physical symptoms. These physical symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with you. The physical body does not use words to tell you anything at all. The “language” used by the body is symptoms. When a symptom arises, this is your body’s way of communicating with you. What is this symptom communicating? It is communicating some type of an imbalance, either physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically, etc. Your body’s symptoms are the mechanism for communication to trigger you to tune in and find out what your body must release or let go of in order to return to a balanced state.

Your body may have a trapped emotion that is imbalancing you, there may be some type of emotional event blocking you from moving forward, you may have a closed/shut chakra, you may have a certain beliefs programmed into your subconscious mind that is causing you to create what you do not want in your life, you may have inherited the energy of an unhealed life event of an ancestor, you may have inherited the energy of trauma experienced by an ancestor, etc. There are a myriad of things that can cause the physical body to exhibit symptoms.

Whatever is within and around us that does not serve our best and highest good, must be addressed one way or another. Symptoms will show up to let us know that there is something within ourselves that must be released/healed. If we are tuned in to our physical body, we will immediately notice this symptom. Once we believe we are creating our physical symptoms, we can then get help to identify what is the root cause, release/heal it and move on.

Symptoms communicate to us the need to go within and address it right now. This allows a response to the symptom to begin. What kind of a response to a symptom do you gravitate to? Are you after something that will suppress your symptom? Whatever mechanism of suppression you choose, be aware that it will not last forever. This means choosing to suppress your symptoms is akin to postponing the inevitable. Sooner or later you will have to “answer the door”, which means – suppression of symptoms postpones the “going within” that is necessary to heal.

When I used to work in various chiropractic offices as an LMT, I would see patients come in for treatment, in pain, and the level of disconnection between their body/heart/mind was astounding. Most of those patients had been having various symptoms for a long time. Seeing patients in excruciating pain led me directly into energy healing, because they were showing me that physical healing was not enough. Almost every patient I spoke to about their physical body pain were able to connect the dots to energy/subconscious issues as the root cause, once we began a conversation about the location of their physical pain, etc.

The time is now for humanity to connect the dots – your physical body pain is coming from energy. This is where working with an intuitive healer is vital. I am able to know what the root cause of your physical pain is – whether it is a subconscious program, a belief, a thought, a feeling, a chakra, etc. Contact me today for an intuitive energy healing session and begin to tune in to your physical body. Working with an intuitive can be a life changing experience, as you will go on to heal yourself and tune in to your physical body from now on.

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