This month’s newsletter will begin helping you to identify what requires healing within you. Most people are going through life on a type of autopilot, and if asked, truly have no idea what’s going on inside themselves to cause their current symptoms whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Below I am giving specific examples of everyday-type things people get pissed off about. Anything pissing you off is telling you that there is something you need to heal inside yourself.

This will be outlined as a Question & Answer with yourself, so have paper and pen handy. Ask yourself this question….

Q: What makes you mad?

Is the answer politics, the state of the world, your boss, your family, your job, etc. On your paper, write out that question…..What makes me mad? _________________

Go ahead and fill in the blank.

Anger is a feeling we feel when our mind tells us this…….we have been victimized. The most disempowering thought you can have is victim.

When you think thoughts along these lines, there is something needing to be healed within yourself. The choice is yours to find out what is going on. Here are some examples…..one political party causes me to feel angry because I am a victim of ________________.

My boss causes me to feel angry because I am a victim of _____________.

My family causes me to feel anger because I am a victim of ______________.

Fill in the appropriate blanks or use your own sentence. These are nothing more than examples of what makes people feel angry. Make up your own sentence and fill in the blank. One sentence at a time.

Here is an example of how to heal yourself of your own issues (not a blanket statement about politics):

Example: What makes you mad?……..a potential Answer could be:……politics and the world as it is right now.

Politics causes me to feel angry because I am a victim of _______________ (i.e……this president, the last president, on and on. Fill in that blank.)

Now, write down your thoughts about the current president, the past president, or whatever you filled in the blank with. Once you’re done writing your opinions/thoughts, take a look at your list. Does anything pop out at you along the lines of polar opposites? Polar opposites exist in the plane we currently reside in, called Earth. Polar opposites exist because as human beings we have Free Will Choice. Where are you not exercising your Free Will Choice in your own life? Polar opposites exist to teach two sides….good/bad, light/dark, etc. Being trapped inside the theme of polar opposites means that somewhere in your own life you are not exercising your Free Will Choice. Why not? It could be due to past life karma, past life experiences involving politics/divisiveness/being unheard, etc. It could be because you have inherited subconscious programs from ancestors who were wronged by political leaders in a past life. The so-called rabbit hole is very different for each person. If you are feeling angry about politics, you are giving your power away to it. Giving away your power to something else causes you to live without any power. Take your power back by stating these affirmations:

Affirmation: I choose to take all my power back from politics. 5x

Affirmation: I have begun to exercise my own Free Will Choice to live sovereign. 5x

Affirmation: I can relieve all past life pain regarding leadership. 5x

Affirmation: I have exercised my Free Will Choice as a sovereign being. 5x

After stating those affirmations you will most likely dehydrate, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Water inside the physical body conducts electricity, which is your heart, spine, and brain. These organs should be kept well hydrated with water at all times.

Now let’s take the next example:

What makes me mad?……a potential Answer may be…..my family; my family causes me to feel angry because I am a victim of _____________. Their constant meddling/telling me what to do even though I am an adult.

Families have been construed from their original intent. When our souls incarnate to Earth inside a physical body, we are born into a family. We have chosen our parents, possible siblings, etc., before we are even born. Sounds like you are very powerful, right? It’s because you truly are powerful. You incarnate as so and so with a grocery list of items to check off while alive. All the items on your grocery list have to do with: past life karma, past life memories, inherited ancestral issues, and on and on. In order for you to live out/experience these things, you must entertain other people to accomplish learning your life lessons, karma, etc. Most of us choose family members to help us. Unfortunately, nobody remembers this!! It causes people to blame, shame, confront, fight, and hate. Some family members take their victimization to the level of completely severing all contact as a display of what is called “the overwhelming need to be right”. They would rather lose everyone than give up their need to be right (a victim). It is time for each and every soul on this Earth to get themselves right and stop meddling with others. Look at your own self with a big magnifying glass and get to work on what you see there. Meddling and telling other people what to do is an escape from your own issues!! State these affirmations and begin healing yourself:

Affirmation: I choose to stop meddling as a way to escape my own life. 5x

Affirmation: I have begun to live. 5x

Affirmation: I can live free from my mind telling me other people’s lives are more important to manage than my own. 5x

Affirmation: I have changed. 5x

There is a great deal of what I call “fear of change” circulating around the world as more and more people are being shaken to their core. This shaking to the core is what is causing so much grief around the world. The time is now for every person living on the Earth to explore themselves and heal.

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