Healing Your Chakras

It is important for everyone reading this – to participate in acknowledging your chakra system. We are all created the same, we all have a chakra system. Chakras are openings, or portals, that lay along your physical body and allow interfacing with, or communication with your physical body. Therefore, the health of your physical body is related to the health of your chakras.

There are chakras other than the main Root to Crown chakras, but for simplicity sake, I am focusing on these main ones. What type of back pain are you experiencing? Is it full-time back pain that you are managing? Do you have low back pain intermittently for no reason? The low back sits within the domain of your Root Chakra. The Root Chakra (among many other things) has to do with your “roots”, foundation, early childhood. Whatever has gone on in your early childhood can and does affect your physical low back.

Let’s take your throat. Are you prone to sore throats, swollen tonsils, dry throat, etc? The throat is affected by your Throat Chakra. I have worked with clients who have experienced past lives where they had been choked out, hung, shot in the neck, etc, and every one of these clients has had a closed Throat Chakra.

Energy within and around any of your chakras, will affect your physical body, yet we are never taught this. Why is that? Because we have a very closed system of healthcare. Now more than ever it is time to expand your mind and allow yourself to acknowledge that you are not a physical body alone. You are multidimensional. This means you are multilayered. One of the “layers” to you is your Chakra System. Chakras draw in energy from all around us on a daily basis, almost like the lungs breathe in oxygen and we do not think about it. The chakras – each and every day – draw in energy from all around you. If you have a chakra that is closed, shut, dented, cracked, malformed, stuffed with toxic energy, etc, you are not receiving the appropriate amount of life force energy. When we do not receive appropriate amounts of life force energy, the physical body can suffer with physical symptoms. Begin to expand your mind and allow yourself to acknowledge that your physical symptoms may be related to a lack of life force energy permeating thru one or more of your chakras. Physical symptoms occur to quote-unquote “get your attention”. Now more than ever, people are starting to pay attention to their own health and wellbeing. Take the next step and contact me for an assessment of your chakra system. In a chakra assessment, I intuitively look at your chakras – from Root to Crown as well as the 2 feet chakras and 2 palm chakras – and assess them. What do I typically see in a client’s chakra? Shock, trauma, terror, fear – all the energies people are feeling in today’s world, which correlate to past lifetimes that must be identified and healed at the root cause.

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