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We may have heard about having a Hara Line, but what is it? To me, in my experience working with many clients, we all have a Hara Line, but most people are unaware of what it is and the importance of understanding what a Hara Line is, what it does, and the importance of keeping your Hara Line in good condition, i.e. straightened.

Many years ago, in ancient times, civilizations paid more attention to their energy body than our current civilization does. This is by design. The fact is you are energy – pure energy. Your physical body is an outward expression of you, your energy. Primarily you are energy and you inhabit a physical body in order to experience life in the flesh. Our souls descend from heaven and inhabit a physical body to experience life, and we have done this many times before. With each lifetime we take on, we experience and learn. The purpose of life is to learn to love – yourself and others. Earth life is a school, for lack of a better way to describe why you are here.

When we take the journey into a physical body, we have a string of energy attached to us. Visualize if you will, a thread and in the center of that thread – a ball. The ball represents your soul (energy self) and the string represents your Hara Line – or your connection to Source. Many people have different explanations for the Hara Line and none are wrong. Go with whatever resonates with you. I am providing this information to you so that you can understand what the Hara Line is and how to keep yours in good condition, which is essential for good health. Everything I write about comes from my experiences working with many clients throughout the world.

The Hara Line is your cord – or connection to Source. What do you call Source? Some people label Source as God, the One, the Universe. Feel free to label Source with whatever label resonates with you.

As you descend from above into a physical body and begin to live life, you are most definitely affected by the condition of your Hara Line. This line feeds energy into your Chakras. Chakras are energy centers that lie along the physical body and connect the physical body to the energy body. We also have “higher” chakras that sit above the Crown Chakra. For the purposes of explaining the importance of your Hara Line, I am not delving into the higher chakras in this newsletter.

The condition of your Hara Line hinges on one thing and one thing only: Past Life experiences that you have not learned from. For those of you reading this who have already worked with me, you know that you are creating your reality – all of it. For those of you who are reading this and have not booked an intuitive energy healing session with me – do so now and begin to heal. Whatever lessons we signed up to experience preincarnation, yet we have not learned from, we are doomed to repeat – over and over and over again. Take a look at painful experiences in your current lifetime and ask yourself: Do I really want to repeat these learning lessons all over again in my next incarnation? Most people adamantly say “NO”! Whatever life lessons we create and refuse to learn, we repeat them – with more added on top.

The Hara Line is a straight line running right through you – right through your energy body (outer layer), right through your entire physical body (inner layer), and your soul (innermost layer). A Hara Line can become bent, misshapen, crooked, broken, shattered, and so on. I like to give examples so that you have an idea of what I am explaining. Here is an example:

Betty contacted me for an intuitive energy healing session as a referral, stating that her friend had worked with me and this friend had symptoms that had dissolved 100%. Betty complained of intermittent headaches, random in nature, deep spike like pain, with no one thing that resolved this pain at all. As soon as I connected to Betty energetically, her subconscious indicated she had died in battle during a past life. Many souls here on Earth have been coerced into battle by the dictators and kings of long ago times. Many of the weapons used to maim and kill were pointed sharp objects. Betty was struck in the skull by a spear during battle in a very long ago past life here on Earth. The energy of that past life death was still circulating around the head area.

We incarnate with baggage. We carry forward experiences and lessons we have not learned from. There are many things we are not allowed to heal in heaven. We must come back into a physical body and learn here while in a body and heal while our soul is inside a physical body.

Back to Betty……during her session with me, Betty began releasing a past life experience of being coerced into battle for the dictator of the time. While she lay dying on the battlefield in a past life, Betty began to hate the dictator who had ordered all able-bodied males in that civilization to fight for him. This thought of hatred grew from just a thought, into a belief. This belief then grew into an addiction to hate. Betty began to state affirmations to release mental energy, which are subconscious thoughts – to hate. As Betty stated her affirmations, I began to see her Hara Line was fractured at the level of the right ear, and the upper portion of her Hara Line began to bend towards the right. Just as a bent wire can malfunction or pinch, so too does your Hara Line.

The past life lesson for Betty was not to give her power away to a dictator of the day. Many people on Earth today have not learned this lesson and they continue to give their power away to others. Take all your power back.

Affirmation: I choose to reconnect to Source. 10x

Anyone stating this affirmation that has head pain, get your bare feet onto the Earth and ground extensively. Chances are you may have been in battle in a past life and given all your power away to a dictator who used coercion to take your power.

I then guided Betty thru a Hara Line Meditation. As Betty did the Hara Line Meditation, the gold light set about healing her Hara Line, repairing it, straightening it, and fortifying her connection to Source.

Many people on this Earth today have lived lives disconnected from Source. Now is the time to reconnect to Source. Start using the free Hara Line Meditation on my website (first page) every single day. This meditation is an offering from me to you, to enable you to heal your Hara Line and reconnect with Source.

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