What makes you happy? Do you realize you are in charge of your own happiness? If not, who or what else holds your happiness? If someone else makes you happy and you cannot be happy unless you are with that person, it’s time to take all your power back. Many of us are trained from an early age to give our power away to other people in exchange for something. Let’s look at a brief example of giving your power away to another.

Betty is our fictitious client in most Newsletters, and as you read my Newsletters you begin to understand deeper meaning behind your life, how you live it, and how you are ultimately creating it. Betty stands as a teacher who does not exist, yet her life situations teach us all.

When Betty arrived at her appointment with me, she was feeling sorry for herself to such a degree she stated she felt depressed and without joy on a daily basis. Speaking to Betty felt as if Betty wasn’t really there. Have you ever had those types of conversations with another human being – one in which they are physically there, yet seem in a way to not be there? This is often due to the other person not living in the present moment. Betty’s subconscious revealed she was unable to live inside the present moment due to fear of life itself. Betty consciously stated to me that as a child, her father was what we would describe as a hard ass. Unfortunately many males have given in to their ego and the ego divides, conquers, and leads them down the path of absolute fear, regardless of how manly and/or fearless they act. Betty’s father raised her to show no emotions, because to his mind….showing emotion was weakness. Showing weakness means you are vulnerable. The ego squashes vulnerability from us. Betty released her mind’s fear of life itself by cutting all negative/toxic energy cords to her father’s mind. Research what energy cords are and begin to cut them from yourself. if you do not know how to cut negative/toxic energy cords, book an intuitive energy healing session with me.

During Betty’s next session, her subconscious indicated in a past life she had lived as a male gender and was a self-described hard ass in that lifetime. These past life memories and experiences remain stored inside your subconscious mind, which affect your present day life. It is time to go within an pluck them from your subconscious mind one by one. This type of healing allows your entire being to re-set itself from fear to love. Just as you flip the switch on the circuit breaker of your home when something trips it, so too does your entire being. Fear trips the switch from love to fear. Living inside a state of fear (regardless of why) must be re-set, or flipped back to love at some point. If you refuse to consciously choose to re-set your being from fear to love, you will be forced into a re-set by your higher self, which is your subconscious. We do have linear time as human beings, but in truth there is no such thing as time. As long as it takes and as many lifetimes as it takes for you to re-set your being from fear to love, it is available to you. The longer you wait, the more issues you pile on that add pressure to this inevitable re-set.

Betty shows us that she gave her power over to her father in this current lifetime because she feared him. Her father was a lost soul who used fear as a means to dominate, own, control, and not allow. In what ways are you not allowing your own self to be who and what you are? Betty gives us multiple examples here – giving your power away to fear, giving your power away to another and then waiting a long time before addressing it and releasing it. Betty saw me at age 60, a time when most people are looking to truly enjoy life. Life itself is not to be feared, but rather to be lived by you – as who and what you truly are.

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