What has been your most difficult obstacle to happiness? When we talk about happiness, this connotates different ideas for different people. In order to be happy we must be in balance. When we are in balance, we feel our lives are “going our way”, “life is great”, “life is easy”, “life gives me everything I need.” We have all had those easy breezy times in our lives where everything is great and we feel happy. Most times, for most people, we do not feel like this for long. First we must understand that each and every one of us is here to learn certain aspects about life and about ourselves that must be addressed. Most of us have a thought that we are not happy because of:

-my job
-my marriage
-my friends
-my kids
-my bank account
-my day to day life, etc, etc

What causes us to be unhappy is that we are out of balance somewhere. If you are a person who is unhappy with your job (for example), the question must be asked – What is it that is causing you to create a job that makes you unhappy?

This is not a typical question we are taught to ask ourselves. Typically we choose to stuff the unhappiness and do our jobs because that is what we have been taught. Take it a step further and acknowledge that this is how you think. By acknowledging something we now allow the unhappiness about the job to enter into our field of awareness. We cannot change anything unless we are aware of it.

Yes we all currently need income from a job to pay bills and eat. This leads us to another question – What is causing your unhappiness at your job to make you think, feel, or believe that you cannot create a job you love? Well, because most of us have been programmed to think a certain way. The pervasive thought of lack is an issue that is ground into our minds nonstop from the current society we live in. Yet there is no such thing as lack. Lack is nothing more than an energy that is there to make you realize there are infinite energies as well. If everyone on Earth stopped allowing their minds to think nonstop about lack, guess what?….everyone would be thinking about infinite EVERYTHING!

Back to what is causing your unhappiness at your job. So what is causing this? Do you focus on lack? Are you aware that you focus on lack more than you focus on infinite abundance? If so, then start today to change what you allow your mind to focus on.

My experience in working with my clients shows that most focus on what they do not want in their lives. Most people do desire to live a happy life. If they are not living a happy life then most likely there is something out of balance within themselves. This is what can be addressed with my energy work. What is causing you to be unhappy? Make a list of what is causing you to be unhappy. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what is causing you to be unhappy and together we can address the reasons. I can tell that most people who choose to read my newsletter are the ones searching for some kind of assistance in their life. I can help you to resolve your imbalances causing your life to be unhappy. Start by contacting me and we can work together to create the life you truly desire.



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