Habits are hard to break if this is something we don’t want, and hard to create/start what we do want. Why? Again, as always – it varies from person to person. But when we create our reality based on our past – habits – it can be an excruciating journey in life. What does this mean? If you are currently tracking habits on the phone, on a device, in a notebook, in a planner, etc., yet your results are not there – you have not lost weight, you have not started your brand new crafting project, you have not committed to stop eating animals, or you have not begun to plan/create what you truly desire (i.e. what your heart desires) – it’s best to begin with your past which will tell you exactly why your habit has not been broken yet or has not been started yet. Either way, being unable to create a habit or break a habit, it all falls solely on us. Let’s start this newsletter off with a very potent affirmation. Lots of habits, both desired and unwanted, remain due to indifference. Indifference is lacking motivation. Motivation is spurred by the heart’s passion. Here is our first affirmation:

Affirmation: I choose different. 5x

Once this affirmation installs as truth in the subconscious mind, which is your operating system, your subconscious mind will seek to create different choices. That is step one. For those of you who refuse to install that affirmation as truth – you require a full intuitive session to find out the root cause reason. This usually has to do with stubborn. The energy of stubborn is very strong nowadays, as most people alive on the earth are being bombarded with truth after truth, yet their ego tells them the truth comes from their own mind – denying the heart a voice. Denial is shrouded in continuing pain. Hefty doses of pain are heaped upon those in denial due to the thickness that denial emits energetically around the heart to strangle it. Have you ever interacted with another human being steeped in denial? They use tactics to preserve their own mindset of believing in false, rather than believing in truth. Unfortunately those engulfed in denial are what we would describe – very very difficult to get through to them. The habit to create now is to let them be in their own world.

Affirmation: I choose to allow those around me who live with denial in order to avoid having to listen and hear the truth, be. 5x

Next habit – creating health. We are faced with – as an entire society – the fact/truth that medicine is and has been corrupted, which simply means, your health is not the priority. I have had my own personal experiences regarding health issues with myself and my family – only to be shocked with the truth that the only bottom line is money. That’s it. Yes people have successful surgeries to remove a tumor for example, however, medical practices are set up with curriculums coming from corporations who worship power, ownership, control, and money – not you – not your physical body. Now more than ever before, people are fed up with being screwed to the wall with medical bills. It’s time for society to begin becoming healthy.

Affirmation: I choose to care for my physical body. 5x

That was a very potent affirmation and one that will kickstart research. Yes we are under direct censorship online with corporations removing vital data so that people are steered into false rather than being able to research truth and decide for themselves. Take your power back and begin eating healthy, exercising, healing yourself, and researching. Here are my eye-opening recommendations to facilitate your ego losing its grip over your own heart. I have watched the following documentaries and had my eyes opened. This list is not in any order of importance.

Forks Over Knives

The Game Changers

What The Health


Heal Documentary

Here is the final affirmation for those reading this newsletter who have yet to begin caring for their physical body. Remember, in your current lifetime your physical body is the only one that carries your soul until you leave here and move on to another dimension. Great care should be taken to avoid all disease.

Affirmation: I have chosen to resist all false. 5x

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