What is it that causes the energy of guilt to interweave with the energy of self pity? This is very common and a fantastic cycle to break out of. Let’s use our fictitious client to go more in depth.

Betty stated during her session that she grew up in a well to do family where certain rules were meant to be followed – or else. One such rule was to go to an Ivy League college and obtain an important degree. The type of degree is irrelevant, but notice the emphasis here is on the word “important”. Families often put pressure on their children to finish or complete things that they as the parents never did. This analogy works best using sports heroes who have stated their parents pushed them to “make it” to the top of their field – often at the expense of having a childhood. Same can be said for many actors/actresses who attained fame and their lives exhibited unhappiness later on in life.

Betty stated she graduated from an Ivy League school as an attorney, which her parents praised her for – yet she found her work as an attorney to be soul crushing. Every day Betty would be in her hi-rise office or in a courtroom – all of which drained her of life force energy, until the day she decided to quit. Betty had an innate talent as a people person and party planner. Minute details were her forte. Betty was able to secure a job within a party planning company and made her way up the ladder in no time. She booked many “over the top” parties, and put the company name on the map, so to speak.

So why was Betty seeking an intuitive energy healing session with me? Guilt & self pity reigned supreme, and this needed to be released with sessions.

Guilt is a very very toxic energy that Betty had been carrying around since she quit her law practice. Betty’s family had expectations for her to achieve what they did not – getting an important degree from an Ivy League school. When Betty left her job as an attorney, both her parents began to fill with the energy called “self pity”……….why would our daughter quote-unquote “throw it all away”?; why would our daughter disobey what we want for her, after all we know best; and last but not least – this is a wrong/bad decision and we must help her go back to her law practice.

Betty’s parents, upon hearing the news of her departure from practicing law, began to think the thoughts outlined above, and more. These thoughts are energy – the energy of self pity. Self pity is defined as: feeling sorry for oneself. Feeling sorry for oneself is very toxic energy that can sit in front of your 2 physical eyeballs and blind you. Not literally, but figuratively. Betty’s 2 parents were being shown by their daughter – how best to handle free will – and neither parent had ever experienced using their free will before. To her parents, free will was a fantasy – not reality. However, the truth is this – we all have free will to create whatever it is our hearts desire. Parents often push their children to achieve what they never did – or they can push their children to do what they’re told – you must do as I have. Either way, the result is that children feel locked inside a life they are not living for themselves – but rather for the parents.

As Betty’s parents’ self pity grew – energy cords from both parents’ minds attached to Betty’s liver. The liver responds to guilt. The more guilt you have – the more angry you will feel. Betty and I cut this energy cord from the 2 parents. After this session, Betty reported back less of a need to drink wine every night, and she felt less worried when interacting with her parents also.

In Betty’s 2nd session, her subconscious mind stated that guilt and self pity are magnets that attract. If you feel guilt, know that self pity is involved. What do you think you are guilty of? What do you feel sorry for yourself for? What do you feel sorry for someone else about?

Each and every one of us is a very powerful creator. We are all creating our own reality – even a reality we consciously do not want. Guilt and self pity go hand in hand, which means you can’t have one without the other. Many times parents and children share this web of guilt and self pity. Break this now. Here are some affirmations you can state to begin acknowledging you carry guilt and someone else carries self pity.

Affirmation: I choose to acknowledge I am guilt free. 10x

Affirmation: I have chosen to incarnate and heal myself from guilt. 10x

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