Guilt and Sugar

Sugar is considered sweet. What causes the human physical body to desire/crave sugar, knowing that by consuming too much it causes dis-ease in the physical body? What causes the desire/craving for sweetness……is bitterness. What are you bitter about? Have you been involved in a bitter divorce? Have you been involved in a bitter split with your employer? Are you bitter towards someone who hurt you/caused you to feel pain? Are you bitter about a particular life experience? Know that everything you are bitter about – you created it – yes with co-creators – however, why have you chosen to create situations leaving you feeling/experiencing bitterness?…….Guilt.

Guilt is one of the most severe soul-crushing emotions a human being can experience. Many times guilt can escalate into the emotion of shame. Shame is one of any number of toxic emotions that causes people to take their own lives. Living with shame is very toxic. Living with guilt is a precursor to a very toxic life. As a creator – you are here in your current incarnation to release trapped emotions. We all carry within and around us the energy from emotions experienced presently or in the past, which includes past lives. Let’s give a fast example of what I mean. Betty is the fictitious client name I use to shed light on how energy affects us in many ways, oftentimes leaving us energetically toxic.

Betty arrived to her session appointment stating her continued head pain was unmanageable, striking her down even while at work, requiring her to go home, go to bed, shut off all lighting, and have no noise at all. The headache would eventually stop. Betty had used up all paid sick time at work and was now ready to get to the root cause reason for her intermittent painful head pain – because if this type of head pain struck again and she had to leave work – she was no longer getting paid. Like most people, Betty could not afford to miss a days pay.

Once I connected to Betty’s subconscious, her subconscious indicated in a past life long ago, Betty was subjected to some type of brand new elixir meant to remove headaches. We would liken this to today’s day and age where someone was diagnosed with migraine headaches and placed on medicine as the answer. These things may help temporarily but over the long run the side effects can catch up to your physical body’s health. Betty’s subconscious indicated this long ago past life elixir actually harmed her physical brain – her right frontal lobe, in fact. The frontal lobes are part of the “higher self”. Any harm done to the frontal lobe, whether it is right or left side, remains as a memory – energy memory. Yes, this is similar to what we now label PTSD, however PTSD can be much more severe in contrast to energy memory. In essence, Betty’s frontal lobe area carries an energy memory of being harmed in a long ago past life – not on purpose though – by those claiming to fix headaches. We have all heard of elixirs from long ago lives of other people who thought that such and such was the best option. Stuck within Betty’s frontal lobe area was the energy of harming (unintentionally) her frontal lobe in that past life, with an elixir. This past life memory was removed via a session, thus removing the physical symptom of head pain of unknown origin. This happens quite frequently.

After we die, our soul lives on. Only the physical body dies. The soul is eternal. Betty’s soul exited her physical body at the time we call death in this long ago past life and entered into a meeting of sorts with other spirits from her family. During this meeting – prior to entering into the white light for a life review – her soul was struck with the same head pain that the elixir was supposed to have stopped. Some spirits in her immediate family told her soul that the head pain was energy memory that could only be healed while her soul is experiencing life inside a physical body. I have found, after working with many clients, that there are certain experiences we can heal only while inside a physical body living life. I do not make the rules – I repeat what I learn from many clients. Therefore, Betty’s soul carried into the spirit dimension the energy of harming the self, which she needed to heal while her soul inhabited a physical body. Betty chose this current lifetime to address this issue and heal it at the root level. That past life memory of the elixir harming her frontal lobe was released first. Next, Betty’s subconscious indicated that any self harm causes guilt. We feel guilty subconsciously for harming the self. Guilt energy was released from Betty’s energy body, or aura. Six weeks after her session, Betty reported no headaches. This is typical of most client experiences. Betty also described a heavy addiction to sugar. She had consulted with a nutritionist and rearranged her food intake – a major upliftment to her physical health overall, however, Betty stated she could not kick the habit of over-consuming sugary treats.

Betty made an appointment after 6 weeks and when I worked with her again, Betty’s subconscious indicated sugar fires the frontal lobes of the human brain. This does not mean everyone’s frontal lobes go into overdrive when they eat sugar to excess, but according to Betty’s subconscious, this is how she was operating. When Betty ate sugar, it released hormones throughout her bloodstream which we call “ahhhhh”. People living with extreme levels of guilt are often sugar-holics, which means they cannot live without sugary treats. The sugar, once consumed, buries guilt and bitterness in a sea of hormones called “feel good” and “ahhhhh”.

For those of you consuming too much sugar with no possible way to stop it so far – contact me for an intuitive energy healing session. Chances are, you have both bitterness and guilt energy operating within your body/aura. This causes you to instinctively look outside yourself for something to bury the bitterness and guilt within. This can cause people to then use sugar to excess.

Affirmation: I choose to release guilt. 5x

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