Whatever you are presently creating in your life that feels “off” – what will be the trigger that compels you to have a look inside yourself to release it? Once clients book sessions to release an indelible problem, many report their issue and accompanying symptoms as – dissolved. This is real freedom. Just because someone tells you that freedom is your birthright, it does not mean you are free. We all know that. What inhibits your freedom? Most likely it is pain. Let us use an example.

Betty is a fictitious client. She booked a session with me stating she was a Reiki Master and had worked exclusively with an energy healer for 10 years on and off, only to come to the conclusion she was in a rut. This rut consisted of her own Reiki practice not thriving, but instead felt like “pulling teeth” attempting to locate and work with clients open to receiving energy healing work via her Reiki sessions. During Betty’s 1st intuitive energy healing session with me, her nose became out of joint – as the age-old expression goes – because her subconscious indicated she had no interest in healing others.

Betty consciously denied this vehemently, stating she travelled abroad to certify as a Reiki Master and took her knowledge about Reiki and her love of healing to the U.S. and began applying it (self employed). Betty’s conscious mind fought tooth and nail against the subconscious thought – she had no interest in healing others.

While connected to Betty’s subconscious, she indicated she would rather suffer than assist other human beings to heal. This began during a past life, one in which healers were labeled witches and burned alive at the stake. Witch hunts to remove people who have Soul Agreements to be here on the earth and heal others with energy, plants, etc, have always existed, and now seem to be at the forefront once again, as earth and it’s inhabitants are being censored and blocked from the light, called true. Many triggering events are happening worldwide, especially for those of us with Soul Agreements to begin using our own innate abilities to heal others. The triggering events are almost always rooted in past life experiences of being shunned, called out, ridiculed, and much worse.

Remember – thoughts do not change unless we consciously agree to change them, i.e. conscious participation in our own lives, i.e. change.

Many healers are alive on this earth right now with similar thoughts and are struggling and suffering. Soon, there will be a call to all energy healers to evolve – not by me – but by the highest power governing our freedom……our own soul. Begin stepping forward by releasing whatever you think inside your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind about life on earth. Release pain and gain insight via intuition. Release pain and enter into the present moment called now. Release pain and be who and what you already are.

Affirmation: I choose to move. 10x

Affirmation: I can see true and live inside it. 10x

Affirmation: I have exited the past and returned inside the present moment called now. 10x

For those of you reading this article without a healing business yet you are innately a healer – contact me to book an intuitive energy healing session remotely via email and allow me to intuitively connect to you and read your energy. This will help you identify subconsciously what is at the root cause of you not healing other people.

For those of you with a healing business suffering with ego-filled clients – i.e. not wanting to heal themselves – contact me for an intuitive energy healing session via FaceTime or Zoom so we can work together to identify what causes you to attract in “non clients”.

For those of you not a healer – you are a healer and here is an affirmation for you:

Affirmation: I have chosen to incarnate on the earth to usher in new – and change. 10x

Healing is a miracle. A miracle is defined as: an event that is inexplicable by the law of our current lives/society. Begin allowing yourself to heal. Self healing is described as a miracle, because self healing goes against the current laws of our society and civilization. “New” and “change” are coming, and energy healing is part of the new and part of what is coming. Start healing yourself today with energy work.

Freedom comes via self healing. No one and nothing escapes this truth. Self healing is (in and of itself) a miracle.

Affirmation: I choose to heal myself and be. 5x

Affirmation: I have begun releasing everything related to my energy body having self hatred. 5x

Affirmation: I have re-joined life inside the present moment inside self. 5x

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