There are many of us who have incarnated here now who have karma to experience and release. We know we are living out our own past life karma if we experience pain of any kind. Painful relationhips are often steeped in karma being experienced, or lived out. Karma is not punishment. Karma is living out experiences that your soul created in a past life by your own behavior, words, actions….that have harmed another. For example, you may be in a karmic relationship with another person whether it’s a spouse, boss, co-worker, sibling, neighbor, in-law, etc. Before incarnating here, each one of us makes up soul agreements involving other souls we know very well. It’s a grocery list of sorts, and karma, for most people, is included on their soul agreement (grocery list of things to experience). So in effect, karmic relationships being played out in your life now, are the result of you agreeing to do so with another soul, which can be anyone listed above and more.

Say you and your neighbor have a contentious relationship. Find out from your own higher self what is causing that and release it. Many times the drama we create in life involves our own past life karma we need to experience and then release. Many souls involved in your drama of past life karma cause you pain, and for that the mind tells you to forgive. But in truth, what are you forgiving? Your karmic drama with another person was something you agreed upon preincarnation. So who is at fault for creating what you agreed on? Nobody is. This is the point as far as seeking forgiveness. Seeking forgiveness comes from the mind. And if you are having trouble letting go of drama that went on in your past, then you have yet to address your own self, your own past life karma, and release it. The mind seeks forgiveness/forgive, which means someone caused you pain. But your heart knows you signed up for it so to speak, preincarnation. That truth is a biggie! Hearing the truth allows us to look at drama in our life from a new perspective, which is…..there are no victims. Many times we ask soul family members to volunteer to serve us our past life karma, and we become embroiled in drama that is very difficult and painful. But the truth is, you are co-creating with that soul in order to bring your own past life karma to the surface to heal yourself from it. There is no blame, there is no victim, there is no forgive. Those are all from the mind telling you something that is false. Your heart will tell you the truth. Whatever your past life karma is, it can be identified and released, which allows you to heal yourself from pain. When you sit inside the space of victim, your mind tells you to forgive the other person. Again, there is nothing to forgive. There is only healing to be done of yourself. To forgive comes from the ego. The ego tells you that you are a victim, someone is to blame for causing you pain. The heart tells you the truth….you co-created with another based on soul agreements to heal yourself.

Is there someone in your life you are trying to forgive? If yes, you require an intuitive energy healing session to find out why your mind is in denial that the experience you are having was created by you for a reason. Is there a situation that occurred in your life with another person and you find yourself thinking about the situation and your mind tells you that person needs to be forgiven? Replaying the past inside your mind over and over again means you are in denial and you are a victim….all coming from the ego. The longer we deny and choose to remain inside the space called victim, the more symptoms we will develop.

Is there a way out of this thought that you should forgive another? Yes there is….an intuitive energy healing session. As an intuitive, I am able to connect to you and bring forth whatever the root cause reason is, causing your mind to tell you to forgive another. The other person did exactly what you asked them to do in order to keep the soul agreement you made preincarnation.

We have all heard many times that Earth is a schoolroom where we souls incarnate with a cirriculum we pre-planned in order to learn, experience, evolve, and grow our soul. Nothing in your life is amiss. No one needs to be forgiven because there is no blame, no victim, only co-creators in order to bring about the release of past life karma or the completion of a life lesson. The longer you allow your mind to hang onto the thought to forgive another, the longer you are going to reside inside denial and victim. Denial and victim consciousness are on the way out as we evolve. I recommend those of you seeking to forgive another, instead go within and find out from your subconscious…what am I blaming this person for? What is this person bringing up in me that I need to heal? What past life karma am I playing out in this drama? What do I need to change and see about myself in order to stop being a victim? These are all questions that your subconscious can answer for you, allowing you to heal yourself at the root level.

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