Finding Comfort

Nowadays many people are finding it very difficult to remain in balance, let alone find comfort in anything or anyone. Why? Because of fear, terror, and fright energies circulating amongst all human beings. When it comes to finding comfort, what’s your “go to”? Mine is spending time with my husband and 2 children, as well as my dogs. Comfort comes from close human interaction, which is something that has been stopped for the past year or so, as the world tackles karma collectively. Aside from human interaction with loved ones, my “go to” is to journal. For now, start with this simple prompt:

I am grateful for ________________________________.

When we consciously think about what we are grateful for – we raise our inner light. Whenever we raise our inner light level to high – our energy raises simultaneously. Allowing your being to continually vibrate at a high level can be challenging when the world around us is filled to overflowing with fear, terror, and fright. All 3 of these states of being turn off your inner light and drastically lower your energy vibration.

When your inner light dulls, dims, or shuts down completely – you can be consumed by the energy of fear. Navigating daily life is very difficult for many right now. We all individually influence the whole of humanity via our energy body. What condition is your energy body in right now? Is your energy body consumed by fear? Fright? Terror? If so, your physical body will succumb to a lowered immune system and possibly get sick from fear. Energy is primary although we are not taught this. Your energy body surrounds your physical body and interfaces with it (interacts with it). Therefore, whatever condition your energy body is in, will affect your physical body. What physical symptoms are you having right now? Are your physical symptoms related to the condition of your energy? Yes yes yes!

Here are some affirmations to release fear, which in turn raises your energy vibration. Affirmations can and do bring human beings back inside a state of balance.

Affirmation: I choose to delete all subconscious programs within my mind telling me to be very afraid of life itself. 10x

Affirmation: I have begun deleting false thoughts telling me false lies in order to possess my soul. 10x

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