Are you aware that you have chakras on the bottom of your feet? Yes, we have one chakra on the bottom of each foot. The feet have nerve endings in them, and combined with these chakras, the human feet are very potent energy centers. Your central nervous system is electrical and interacts with the Earth’s electricity. Research “grounding” or “earthing” and read about the free benefits to your health and well being.

Right now many people feel “off” due to having quarantined. When we disconnect physically from the Earth, our biorhythms change, and this means we can begin to feel off, down, afraid, and/or anything else. If there is no known reason for feeling off, yet you feel off – get your bare feet onto the Earth and reconnect. Reconnection happens any time your bare feet come in contact with the Earth directly – dirt, grass, or sand. Spending prolonged periods of time with your bare feet on the Earth is a fantastic way to ease stress on your central nervous system as the Earth and it’s inhabitants continue changing/evolving.

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