Feeling Lost

Lost is defined as……unable to find one’s way.

When we are lost, life can feel unbearable – to extremely pain-filled. Why? Because you are a soul inside a physical body experiencing life, and in order to create the life your heart desires, you must be living inside the present moment. Many people abhor living in the present moment because they claim it’s too pain-filled. “I must escape to my past”, or “I must live in the future”, so as to avoid my present life…..these are comments that come from the subconscious mind (higher self) during sessions.

Well, what if you wake up from your past or future, and start to create inside the present moment called now? Your life will begin to take shape. Let’s use our fictional client Betty and give an example of what I am speaking about.

Betty arrived to her intuitive energy healing appointment stating she wanted to heal (at the root level) physical indigestion. Betty recently attempted to lose weight and began making amendments to her dietary intake. Losing weight, for Betty, had been a life-long quest with no results. She explained that growing up, her family was very poor and food was not provided on a regular basis for her as a child.

Betty survived food lack, or food scarcity. As an older woman, Betty could afford to eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, and she often binged food. This led to weight gains and weight loss whenever she would change her dietary intake. Betty wanted to – once and for all – get to a body weight that was healthy for her. This meant Betty would need to lose an excess of 30 pounds. Betty stated she ate poorly, even though she could afford to eat better, and had a lack of self discipline that irked her.

During her session, Betty’s subconscious stated that in a past life, Betty’s soul experienced opulence and had all the food she could ever need, and then some! There were people in her past life country that were hungry/starving, yet Betty’s soul was oblivious.

If we are all here on this Earth to learn – if Earth is a school – then what lessons has Betty’s soul incarnated to learn? First and foremost, we are all one. 2nd: No one should go hungry. There are vast resources here on this Earth to feed everyone regardless of all “lack” subconscious programming done to humanity. And 3rd: Awareness that we are all equal.

Betty’s soul incarnated into food scarcity now, after having lived a past life in singularity, as opulent. We experience living both sides of every coin in order to further our development/our ability to have compassion for self and others. We released this past life experience of opulence, grandeur, and selfishness. After one session, Betty reported back that her binging had taken a step back, and for that she was very grateful. Food is energy. What we consume affects the physical body. How food is distributed amongst all humans affects us all, even if we live in opulence with plenty of food, because we are all connected as one even though many have separated and divided. We are here learning how to come together as one species. State the following affirmations to begin releasing past lives lived in absolute opposition to what you live now, which will kickstart the process of releasing duality.

Affirmation: I choose to recognize past life energy alive within and around my being that I choose to learn from and release. 10x

Affirmation: I can have oneness with the all of humanity, called – I. 10x

Affirmation: I have forsaken past life habits. 10x

Betty’s next session encompassed very painful truths about her Soul Agreements made just prior to incarnating into her current lifetime as Betty. Our souls meet with other souls before we take on physical bodies, to outline and agree to life lessons we will experience/undertake. Once we arrive to Earth in our physical bodies, these are called Soul Agreements, and we have all made them before arriving here. Call it whatever you want. For simplicity sake, Betty’s soul was in heaven planning to arrive to Earth as Betty. Her soul required a life experience with a mother and father who had Soul Agreements to “do without”. Living in opulence and being ignorant of others’ needs, tends to bring on future life lessons of “lack”. Betty’s soul needed to incarnate to parents who would create severe lack. Agreements were made between these 3 souls, and they incarnated to Earth. Betty arrived as a baby, just as the father had lost his job during the Great Depression. Women back in those days did not have careers as they do today. Betty’s parents waited on bread lines for handouts and experienced food lack as part of their Soul Agreements.

During her session, Betty’s subconscious revealed that she is here in her current lifetime to learn how to heal the physical body using foods, herbs, essential oils, etc. Betty almost fell out of her chair during her session as I repeated this wording from her subconscious mind, because she stated she is a certified nutritionist with an excellent following, however, she herself was struggling so bad with food issues, that have been lifelong. Sometimes people are already within occupations or careers that they are supposed to be within, but many have not healed themselves. All healing must be done now, as Earth and its inhabitants are set to evolve to a new way of life – as one with each other.

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