Most of us know that fear itself is an illusion. But do we ever ask who benefits from fear? You nor I can fathom that striking fear into another has benefits, but we see on a day to day basis how fear is used to terrorize people. No examples will be given. What we as a collective of human beings need more than ever is a release of terror from within. Here are a set of affirmations to state to begin calling your power back from fear:

Affirmation: I choose life. 5x

Affirmation: I have begun releasing all fear. 5x

Affirmation: I can discern false, which is fear – from the truth. 5x

Affirmation: I have reached bliss. 5x

Most of us are being terrorized on a daily basis in obvious ways and way that are not so obvious. Just watch any TV show today and you see most longstanding institutions are rife with corruption, power trips, etc. So what’s a person to do nowadays if they do not want to be possessed by purposeful systems longstanding in place whose sole mission is to remove power from you? The answer is simple – go within and take all your power back from terror. If lived inside a state of terror for long enough, the human physical body ‘rusts’ from the inside out. Instead of rusting, thrive. Take your power back from all terror.

Affirmation: I choose life. 5x

Affirmation: I can relieve stress by healing and being myself, which is truth. 5x

Affirmation: I have begun receiving light within, called true. 5x

Lets us use our fictitious client named Betty to view several fear and terror scenarios that cause the human physical body to ‘rust’ from the inside out. Briefly we will look at 3 different scenarios, as follows:

Betty arrived to her session appointment filled with dread. Betty stated her chief complaint was physical fatigue as well as emotional….severe anxiety since childhood. Betty was referred by her Reiki Practitioner to see me, as her Reiki Practitioner picked up on energy not belonging to Betty but to her family. Energy healing deals with the outer layer of who we are. Think of those adorable Russian nesting dolls. We have the very small doll covered up by a bigger doll. That bigger doll is then covered by an even bigger doll. We are made the same way. Your inner self is your soul, or spirit, whichever you prefer to call it. Your soul is encased inside your physical body as you experience life. Your physical body is then covered/encased inside your energy body, which also permeates through your physical body. Betty’s outer self – her energy body – was filled to overflowing with this energy of trapped emotions of panic, worry, and anxiety – all of which belonged to Betty’s two parents. This is inherited epigenetics. We inherit far more than eye color and personality traits from parents and ancestors. Whatever is not healed gets passed on in the genes, called our DNA.

Once I connected to Betty to start the session, I was overcome with feeling very sick to my stomach – swirling pain around my heart which felt like my heart was shaking (literally) and dizzy. This happens to me when I connect with clients in real time. Intuitives often feel what the client is suffering from. All my fellow healers out there – make sure you are properly draining client energy after each session you do regardless of whether you are doing intuitive work, Reiki, or any other energy healing modality.

I asked Betty’s subconscious – What is the root cause of these trapped emotions of panic, worry and anxiety? Betty’s subconscious indicated she inherited these trapped emotions from her 2 parents, who in turn inherited those trapped emotions from their 2 parents – both of whom were alive during the Great Depression, i.e. the taking of all wealth from society and placing it into the hands of the very few. Growing up depressed, without food, work, money, or love – those 2 grandparents of Betty’s began to feel worried, which hardened like cement inside the mind, then came the panic which eventually became an overwhelming emotion so large – their lives during the depression were lived inside panic 24/7. Then came the anxiety which is the mind feeling panic to such a high degree, it can literally short circuit or crack.

Betty immediately began releasing these 3 trapped emotions belonging to her two grandparents. Betty’s subconscious indicated she required a 4-month processing period during which time her being would continue to release vast amounts of panic, worry, and anxiety, automatically. This shows us there are reasons why we feel certain emotions that may not seem like they fit our current lives. Because they don’t belong to us. Betty’s Reiki Practitioner is herself an intuitive but wasn’t aware that what she picked up energetically about others is your heart talking to you.

Scenario #2: We, most of us, remember 9/11 with terror being at the forefront. This is a time in our lies where thousands of human beings died in the twin towers – many of them firemen and police officers. After 9/11 the word terror began being used with a vengeance. We have seen school shootings all over the U.S. – ushering in undeniable feelings of absolute terror for all of us. Here is a fictitious account for our client Betty, covering terrorism.

Betty’s session began by her telling me she was a New York City transplant, newly retired CPA, enjoying Florida’s sunshine and vast beaches. Upon her retirement, Betty moved to Florida as many people do, because her retirement dollars would stretch further. Betty stated she used to live and work in NYC and was at work on the day of 9/11. Since the towers fell, Betty states she began panicking about being inside office buildings, using elevators, fear of heights, extreme anxiety flying on a plane and more. Betty stated as a CPA she worked for a large corporation, had a fantastic retirement package, and left after enduring life inside deep anxiety for years since 9/11 happened. As soon as I connected with Betty, her subconscious indicated this type of terror scenario happened in a past life. Betty’s soul was alive elsewhere within our solar system and the same act of terror was committed there. We know the textbook definition of terror is extreme fear, while the definition of terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit of political gains. Whomever was behind 9/11 we may never find out, but our hearts know what comes around goes around and karma is involved with anyone becoming a terrorist – whether it’s for political power plays or not. Betty’s subconscious began an intense, often frightening energy release of panic first. As she released this energy, Betty began shaking in the chair. Oftentimes as we release past life experiences, we often temporarily re-live them. During her processing period Betty explained that at night, her dreams were extremely vivid of the day the two towers fell. She claimed to see souls who died that day – fully speaking to her. Betty’s subconscious indicated she has the ability to speak to the deceased, which we label a Medium. As Betty embraced her innate ability as a Medium and accepted who she already is – she began taking classes online to certify as a Medium. Mediums have the ability to communicate with souls inside the spirit dimension. Often, a Medium has the opportunity to provide healing to both the soul in spirit as well as those souls called their family whom are alive. Mediums bridge the gap between dimensions and this bridging allows souls to understand the ‘why’ of life – in particular their life and why things occurred as they did. Remember, nothing happens by chance. We are all very very powerful creators.

Here is scenario #3: Betty is our fictitious client and arrived to her appointment thinking she was being followed. Not paranoia, but close. Betty had no clue where this fear and terror was coming from and decided to book an intuitive appointment with me. Once I connected to her, Betty’s subconscious explained that Betty had a large gathering of family around her from spirit. These were family members who had passed away – some of whom Betty never met. All spirits were around Betty 24/7 attempting to give her a warning. Betty’s subconscious disagreed with Mediums and that type of work due to an organized religious program deposited without her soul’s conscious awareness, which means it was programmed without her soul’s permission and authority. Those who subconsciously program others without their authorization will see a day their work no longer applies here on Earth. Read into that statement whatever you want to, but at this time I will not elaborate. Once Betty released (with affirmations) all organized religious subconscious programs – over a 6 month processing period – Betty arrived to her second appointment with a brand new outlook on her ability to know spirits hang around us. Betty enrolled in classes to begin learning how to protect her energy body from spirits not of the light and after completing that, wanted to move onto certifying as a Medium. Two scenarios in this Newsletter about being a Medium. Most all of you reading this Newsletter have the ability to be a Medium also, however, you are subconsciously programmed to think you cannot. That requires a session to release whatever causes you to think (at the root level) you are not who you truly are. The warning her family in spirit was attempting to give her was this, which I intuited: “It’s time to wake up Betty, for the future is now.” When I work with clients, I work as a transcriber of subconscious information I pick up energetically. I offer no opinion of my own, because my opinion is irrelevant. Only those who are ready for the truth will work with me intuitively. For those of you who are inside a state of fear or terror – chances are you have lived through a past life experience involving fear/terror. The time is now for all of humanity to heal themselves from the inside out, of all fear and terror. The truth is – we are all one.

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