Fate is defined as: the supposed force or power, principle, or idea/thought, that predetermines events.

Fate is of the mind, whereas your soul is unlimited in its scope and power to create. When we combine fate/mind with the soul, and become human, we can be in for a rough ride – as the saying goes – unless you are willing to forgo (let go of) fate.

I love providing examples for my clients in my Newsletters that allow me to broach subjects everyone is here on this Earth to learn. Let’s learn about fate and how to let go of it, so that you are able to create what you desire.

Once upon a time, your soul was free to create. Your soul decided to create a life as a human being on planet Earth. As your soul began your life as a human being, it connected with the mind (the conscious mind), which is part of the lower self (ego). The ego created fate and everything that comes with thinking thoughts that no longer serve your best and highest good. In a nutshell, you are pinned down by your conscious thoughts called fate. Release it now.

Affirmation: I Am. 30x

Once you recognize fate, which are your conscious thoughts, and how these thoughts influence your life – you will no longer be wiling to be enslaved to fate.

Affirmation: I am beginning to recognize I Am. 30x

Once you recognize how fate stops you from creating what you desire in life, you will be ready to take all your power back from fate, i.e.” I can’t”

Affirmation: I choose life, not fate. 30x

After taking all your power back from fate, delete the thought you are programmed from outside of yourself to serve others.

Affirmation: I am no longer enslaved to fate. 30x

After releasing enslavement to fate, cut all cords of energy to past existences here on Earth or elsewhere, that your soul is connected to because you did not learn lessons. Learning lessons and mastering them is one of the reasons your are here, alive, as who you are. Mastering lessons is now your fate – be willing to master all lessons you chose to incarnate to learn now. As the Earth and its inhabitants continue to grow in love of self and others – mastery of your fate is front and center.

Take from this Newsletter what pertains to your being. If it does not resonate – continue learning about fate and release it.

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