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Are you aware that healing at the root level begins with healing your energy? For most people, the answer is “no”. This is because we are not taught that we are energy first and foremost. As energy, we create our physical body. Our soul inhabits our physical body as a vehicle that the soul is encased inside of during life. The physical body is then surrounded by your energy body. Your energy body is very real. The energy body surrounds the physical body and permeates thru it. Why is this important to know? Because like anything else in life, you cannot heal the inside until you heal the outer layer first. The outer layer and the primary layer of you – is your energy body. We have a chakra system and that is something many are familiar with. The chakra system lays on the physical body and allows interfacing, or communication, with the energy body and physical body. Therefore, your energy body is in constant communication with your physical body.

From one lifetime to the next, we carry energy that is unhealed. Say you had a lifetime wherein you experienced a shock event, such as the passing of a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly. That shock and grief may not have fully processed in the lifetime in which it occurred. Therefore, the energies of shock and grief remain with you as energy. We carry around energy that we do not heal from, as well as energy we do not learn from (life lessons). This unhealed energy and unlearned life lesson energy – sits inside your energy body. When it sits within your energy body long enough, the energy can permeate into your physical body and alter your body, which means make you physically sick with illness and/or disease, chronic conditions, etc. The future of medicine will be Energy Medicine. Why? Because you cannot heal the physical body at the root cause, unless you treat the energy body that you have. How do I know this? Because I am an intuitive energy healer and this is what I do. I connect with someone else’s energy body and “read” their energy. Here is a brief example of how this works:

I had a client contact me stating she was having difficulty with her hair falling out. This client had visited physicians and was given everything from prescription shampoos, to vitamins, to hormone pills, etc. Nothing worked. This client had once had a full head of hair and because nothing had worked so far to stop hair loss, she was referred to me for a session. Once I connected to her energy, I “read” that she was possessed by unhealed ancestral energy called “I am not”. Sounds silly, but this client had an ancestor on her mother’s side of the family, going back 25+ generations, wherein this male ancestor was a writer by occupation and highly ridiculed for telling the truth. When someone knows the truth and writes about it, society/people may not be ready for the truth presented to them. In this case, the society back then was filled with very insecure citizenry whose egos began flaring very high whenever this writer presented truths they were unable to digest. I guess you could call that past life experience for this man – cancel culture. He lived thru cancel culture and only 3 generations later, his writing was hailed as truth-filled. This ancestor’s soul began to berate himself mentally for being a failure as a writer in that past life, with thoughts escalating to the point of: “I am not”. I am not a writer. I am not a truth teller. I am not qualified. You name it. The thought of “I am not” became an obsession. Obsession is defined as: a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea/thought, often accompanied by anxiety.

In today’s terms, this male ancestor from the mother’s side of the family suffered from mental illness. Obsessive thoughts about “I am not”. This mental energy was inherited by my client in the family line. Whatever our ancestors experience in life that they do not heal or they do not learn from – gets passed down thru the DNA. This is called inherited epigenetics. This is something involving the brain (your computer). Whenever the brain is filled with toxic energy, it malfunctions. The brain commands the hair to fall out. The brain commands the hormones to stop working, etc.

This is just one example of how energy sitting within your energy body will go on to affect your physical body. This example above also highlights the fact that “we are all connected”. Whether you think you are connected or not, we are all connected as one.

So for anyone suffering from anything physical, first off – you are creating it. That is a mindset that you must change. Once you have shifted your perspective out of and away from all victimhood, you are then able to acknowledge that you are a very powerful creator and that you create your reality on a daily basis – all of it. Once you acknowledge that you are creating your reality, you will then be ready to identify what energy you are traveling thru your life with, whether or not that energy belongs to you, and how that energy is affecting your inner layer which is your physical body. Attempting to heal any issue without examining your energy body can prove ineffective. With everything going on in this world today, more and more people are now ready to start going within to heal. This means taking a look at what energy is sitting within your energy body, identifying and releasing that energy and healing yourself at the root level. This is what I do for my clients.

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