As a human being living on the Earth, how many of you relate to that title? For those of you who live with anxiety, how many days have you found yourself asking for a way to stop it? Anxiety is defined by the medical community as a mental issue caused by unknown factors. Most people suffering from anxiety are given medication to manage their anxiety. Most people continue to experience anxiety while taking medications. So what’s really going on here? What is causing so many people to live their lives filled with anxiety? Let’s take a look at a fictitious example of anxiety and where it’s roots really lie.

We have a fictitious client named Carol. Carol was having a variety of mental symptoms such as racing thoughts and continued lack of sleep. When I began working with Carol, her subconscious indicated she was not able to stop her racing thoughts because her heart was not there. Remember, we are not taught that we are all multidimensional beings. Our soul is encased inside our physical body while we are alive on the Earth. Your physical body is encased inside an energy body which surrounds the physical body and permeates through it. Everything contained within your physical body is duplicated 100% inside your energy body. This means inside your energy body is a heart, the energetic counterpart to your physical heart. Whatever goes on with the heart located inside your energy body is affecting you in every way….mentally, emotionally and physically.

We know this is true, because how many of us know someone who suffered what we call a heart attack yet they do not fit the profile because they are totally into physical fitness, they eat right and do not take drugs, smoke, or drink to excess. Well, one of the ways a person can have a heart attack is because there has been something going on with the heart that’s located inside their energy body. Whatever has been going on energetically will eventually show up physically. This is true for all physical symptoms. The source of the issue lies within the energy body first. How many of us have been made aware of this before? Probably not many at all.

All of us now realize we are way more than just our physical body and we are all here in order to heal ourselves. We have the ability to heal ourselves only if we are willing to go within. When I work with clients, oftentimes they are in denial. Denial robs you of your ability to heal. Whether people deny that energy medicine is effective or they deny that they can heal themselves, denial means to stop. And whatever we stop……..we can also begin. Beginning on a journey to heal ourselves certainly presents its challenges, but in the end, we are the one we have been waiting for. This means each individual person here on Earth has been tasked with going within to heal themselves, now more than ever because we are ascending as a society. We are rising from being led to leading ourselves. In order to lead ourselves, we require what’s called our heart. The heart that’s located inside the energy body is who and what we truly are. Now let’s go back to our fictitious client named Carol.

Carol’s subconscious indicated she suffered heart-shattering loss of her best friend in a past life. When Carol’s soul passed from that lifetime into her current one, she incarnated with a shattered heart. This means the heart located inside her energy body was shattered in a million pieces, which was causing her heart to not be able to create her life. The heart is the programmer of the mind. Unless the heart is programming the mind, your life will reflect back to you what you do not desire consciously. The mind is a computer, nothing more. All of us are designed the same way. Just as you sit at your laptop and hit “install” and “uninstall” a program and your laptop performs that function, your heart is what’s supposed to be programming your mind to create the life you desire. For those of you whose lives are not the way you desire, then I say to you……..find out what is causing you to create what you do not desire. As for our fictitious client Carol, she needed to see me in order to release her past life experience of losing a best friend, which resulted in her heart shattering. Once she identified this and released the past life experience from her subconscious mind, her heart was then able to heal itself, and this is the heart located inside her energy body. What Carol was unaware of consciously, is that her symptom of racing thoughts was coming from her heart not being well, which means her heart was not programming her mind. Her mind was then thinking thoughts as a way to live her life, which means she was attempting to live her life based on what her mind thought. This is not how we were designed as multidimensional beings to live and create.

Carol was very happy to be able to heal this issue and releasing the past life experience of losing a best friend did reduce the racing thoughts but not fully. This is because aside from that past life experience she successfully released, there was a deeper issue. Carol, in her current life, was brought up to think she had to see a doctor when something didn’t resolve. I was raised this way also, that when you didn’t feel well or you had some type of physical symptom, you went to the doctor and took medication. But in today’s times many people are waking up to the truth that this system is not one size fits all. There is a place for everything, but if you are someone suffering through life with anxiety and your medication is not fully resolving your anxiety at the root level, then you are not healing. Carol was raised like I was, to see a doctor and get medication. All of us reach a point in our lives when we have those aha moments. When we know better, we do better.

Carol’s next issue was to release all subconscious programs that were blocking her from being able to heal herself. For some people it’s being raised a certain way and never questioning it. For other people it may be that their subconscious mind has certain programs running 24/7 that they’re unaware of, such as…….healing cannot be done by anyone other than a doctor or a surgeon. The human subconscious mind is easily programmed and everyone should be aware of what they have been programmed with. Whether it’s familial programs, religious programs, programs coming from elsewhere, remember…….your subconscious mind is a goal seeking super computer. This means without consciously being aware of it, your subconscious mind is creating your reality. The subconscious mind does not know good or bad, right from wrong. The subconscious mind seeks 24/7 to create whatever is within it. The subconscious mind is creating that for you 24/7. So whether you have anxiety or another symptom, your subconscious mind is creating it because there is something inside of you that needs to be healed. I say to my clients all the time……all symptoms are communication. The physical body gives symptoms and the communication is nonverbal. If you have any physical symptoms at all, your physical body is speaking to you telling you to heal something inside you. If, like our fictitious client Carol, you’re experiencing life filled with anxiety, this is a mental symptom and your mind is communicating to you there is something you must heal within. If you are experiencing emotional symptoms, they are also a nonverbal type of communication that you have something you must heal within yourself.

Carol was able to release the subconscious programming from her upbringing. Her next issue was the root cause. Oftentimes I work with clients who have multiple, different layers causing their anxiety. We peel away each layer until we reach the root cause, which is very similar to peeling away the layers of an onion. Carol’s subconscious revealed that she inherited insecurity from her family. This is called inheriting issues from your ancestors, which in scientific terms is called inherited epigenetics. How many of you living your life filled with anxiety have or have had an ancestor who suffered from anxiety also? Yes, anxiety can be passed down with the genes. Genes can be healed also. (Take a look at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s works on genes and healing.) Carol’s great grandparent was alive during The Great Depression. That great grandparent lived during a time of shock and deep despair, because most people alive during The Great Depression had nothing. Having no ability to live causes people to feel insecure……..where is my next meal coming from?… can I support my family financially?……where can I find a job? Can you imagine what those souls experienced who were alive during The Great Depression? Insecurity begins to take hold and can go on to consume someone who was alive during those highly shocking times. Insecurity is defined as uncertainty, the state of being open to danger or threat and/or lack of protection. Totally understandable that Carol’s great grandparent alive during The Great Depression would experience every one of those definitions. The mind becomes consumed with thoughts of insecurity, which was at the root of Carol’s anxiety. She released all inherited insecurity. After her processing period, Carol reported her symptom of anxiety had fully resolved. This is how energy medicine works. Energy medicine goes to the root cause of your anxiety, and if need be, healing the outer layers first.

To those of you living each day filled with anxiety, know that there is something within yourself that requires healing. Whether there is one root cause reason or multiple reasons, you can get to the root and heal yourself. All you have to ask yourself now is……am I ready to heal myself from my anxiety and all other symptoms I live with daily? If the answer is yes, contact me to schedule a session.



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