This newsletter will focus on the human heart and it’s ability to receive and give information. If you were able to reach for your cellphone, pick it up and speak to your heart…..what do you think your heart would tell you on the other end of the phone? Many people are not in communication with their own hearts due to various things such as past life karma, living outside the present moment, life lessons not yet mastered, and on and on. I can remember living life without hearing a thing from my heart and I can tell you from experience that it’s a living hell. So back to our question….What do you think your heart would tell you if it were on the other end of your phone calling you to speak to you?

For most of us, our hearts call out to us on a daily basis without fail, yet we ignore the call. We often ignore phone calls from people when we are too busy to chat. Ignoring your heart’s call will only bring you down, so why ignore it? People on this planet have been programmed to think and live inside the mind on purpose. This “living inside the mind” takes you out of your heart center. Do we currently live inside a world where it looks like everyone is mind centered rather than heart centered? It does to me. How and why does this happen, as far as human beings exiting from heart-centered living and devolving into the mind and thoughts? The how’s and why’s vary from person to person, but the truth is…we are all tasked with healing this as individuals. There is nothing taking place in your life that you are not creating. Whatever you have created that you do not like, what caused you to create it? Your thoughts did. Living inside the mind does that – it is your computer and it’s creating your reality based on your thoughts. Let’s take a look at our fictional client Bob to explore how living inside the mind is your oppressor whereas healing yourself and living inside your heart center is how you are meant and designed to live.

Bob decided to book a session to work with me after he lost his best friend to cancer. Bob worked with his best friend for many years and established a solid friendship from being coworkers for many years. Oftentimes friends feel as if they are our family because many friends provide to us what family members may not be ready to, which is unconditional love. Bob stated the loss of his best friend to the ravages of cancer caused Bob to withdraw from life, to the point he thought…..what’s the point of life? Bob described his friendship with his coworker as a brotherly-type relationship based on unconditional love of one another as well as shared interests such as cars and baseball. After his coworkers death, Bob began to think life was not worth living. This happens to many people. Bob wanted to feel his love for life return and this is why he booked his session.

During Bob’s 1st session, his subconscious indicated Bob was being devoured by his grief. The grief he felt was extreme because Bob and his best friend had arranged to meet as coworkers in this lifetime and live life as best friends, which means unconditional love. This arrangement to meet as coworkers was decided upon preincarnation. Bob began to release the energy of deep grief that had filled his entire energy body to the level of overflowing. Bob required a lengthy processing period and I saw Bob again after 4 months.

During Bob’s 2nd session, his subconscious revealed he was carrying around the toxic energy belonging to his best friend. The toxic energy was guilt and shame. Bob’s best friend had incarnated into his life with guilt and shame from a past life where he was someone who prescribed false healing called a charlatan. In today’s world we would label this as a TV preacher asking people to send in donations while they heal a wheelchair bound individual. Suddenly that individual can get up out of the wheelchair and walk. We have all seen glimpses of these type shows. Bob’s subconscious revealed that his best friend had participated indirectly with a well known charlatan in a past life and his past life karma was fully transmuted in this lifetime called guilt and shame leading into the energy called cancer. This is in NO WAY stating that every person with cancer is guilty or ashamed. This is in NO WAY stating all people with cancer deserve to die from it because it’s due to past life karma. No way! Stick with the fictional client to gain the lesson here about the importance of speaking to your heart in order to heal yourself.

Bob discussed during his session that he consciously looked upon his best friend as a victim of a deadly disease and that Bob often found himself feeling angry at the doctors who never were able to save his friends life. Bob stated he had never heard of past life karma because he was raised by a parent who was a staunch catholic and the church denies reincarnation. Bob was not carrying any subconscious programs from organized religion, so as we discussed reincarnation, Bob expressed an interest in researching this topic to learn more. I recommended that Bob start reading one of my favorite books entitled Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. Bob then released his mind’s thought that his best friend was a victim and his own emotion of anger. Bob required another lengthy processing period to allow the energy fluctuation within and around him to process fully.

Bob returned to see me a month later for his 3rd and final session. Bob reported back to me at the beginning of this session that his eyes appeared to heal in some way because he had been to his eye doctor for his annual eye exam and his prescription had changed for the better. Bob also reported that his energy level had significantly returned, and he was less apt to be feeling down about his loss. Once I connected to Bob, his subconscious indicated he was connected to his best friend like we cling to a life vest while boating in choppy waters. Bob and his best friend decided to create a vow preincarnation in order to quote unquote stay afloat in life, as each progressed thru their soul agreements. Bob had denied himself countless times to hear his heart call out to him, as did his best friend. Both clung to the other energetically, which allowed their energy issues, thoughts, etc, to run unabated back and forth thru the energy cord. Bob had never heard of energy cords and was interested in cutting this cord as well as beginning to research this topic. Bob dictated affirmations and began to cut all energy cords between himself and his best friend. After the cutting of the cord, Bob began to cry and did not know why. Bob was spontaneously feeling the stoppage of his best friend’s toxic energy flowing into his energy body, and responded with intense feeling, which was to cry. Bob then realized what many people do not acknowledge – that his heart had been speaking to him asking him to heal himself from energy cords, energy belonging to his best friend not him, as well as emotions of utter grief and despair. Bob stated he had researched various topics since he began working with me and was excited to now go on and live his life from within his heart center.

Bob is an example of how living inside the mind completely shuts off a person’s ability to know what is happening and why it’s being created. Living inside the heart means you know. Knowing is the truth. Living inside the mind is thoughts and not knowing the truth. Having heard from his subconscious mind multiple times during sessions, Bob has returned to the present moment from limbo and lives inside his heart center.

Are you living inside your mind or are you living inside your heart center? Any kind of symptom you are having, whether it’s mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual…..your heart is calling you asking you to pick up and hear what your heart has to say. Utilizing an intuitive enables you to do just that.

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