We have all been on the receiving end of a person we would call a bully….someone who picks on and antagonizes you. Have you ever asked yourself what causes people to be a bully to other people? Some video clips I have seen online posted by parents whose child has been bullied are heartbreaking for sure. Seeing a bully in action makes most of us want to stand up to the bully physically, verbally, and even using the law. But what do you do when you bully yourself? Do you react the same way as if you saw a child being bullied by someone? Your mind bullies you with thoughts every single day, yet what causes you to allow your mind to run roughshod over you like a bully?

The answer, of course, differs for each individual, so let’s use our fictitious client Betty and show how the mind, left to it’s own devices, becomes your biggest bully and why it’s best to confront this bully immediately.

We all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a bully and the subsequent rage we may feel towards the bully, but where does that rage go when your mind bullies you? Betty booked a session with me after hearing from a friend of hers who had had a Reading. When people contact me to work with me, they have the option for face to face, phone, or email intuitive healing sessions as well as a Reading. Readings are done via email only as they are time consuming. Offering email Readings for 15 or 30 minutes allows clients to ask many questions in a short period of time. Although Betty’s friend had a Reading and not an intuitive energy healing session, she recommended me to Betty because according to her friend, Betty was her own worst enemy.

During Betty’s 1st session, Betty agreed with her friend’s description that she was her own worst enemy. Betty described growing up inside a stress-filled home with parents who fought like cats and dogs, even to this very day. Betty’s parents came from tough home lives and both her mother and father had to grow up before their time, as far as responsibilities that they were not mature enough to have, but their parents shuffled off to Betty’s parents. Each of Betty’s parents incarnated into their lives with heavy past life karma to transmute, or experience. Her parents’ relationship was fraught with dueling egos….clashes and fights….eventually leading to a breakup. Betty’s two parents were the classic example of what’s called a karmic relationship. Both people bring in excessive past life karma that overwhelms them, causing neither one to take responsibility, and away they go. Betty described feeling terrified of her parents when they fought, and thought things would be better once her parents had separated. Not so. Betty then endured round #2 with each parent re-marrying other people and the fighting continued. Betty developed what are called mind-derived thoughts that she was a bad person somehow, because her parents had split. Betty’s mind did exactly what the mind is designed to do in times of extreme pain….protect you.

Just as we have computer programs in place to protect our laptops from crashing, so does the human mind. The mind has safety mechanisms installed that kick on in times of pain, crisis, etc. Throughout her childhood, Betty felt abandoned and began to think she was worthless. Her parents marriage was a daily show of hatred, and even after moving on to other relationships, the fighting continued. Betty began to internalize her worthlessness and stated she had been addicted to pain killers a few years back after surgery to repair a broken ankle. Betty described the pain killers as 100% effective in stopping all pain, all the time. Although her ankle healed, Betty continued to feel pain from her thoughts of worthlessness, terror, and denial, and therefore became addicted to painkillers. When Betty was unable to find a doctor willing to continue prescribing pain killers to her, she sought help from a treatment center specializing in detoxifying the body from pain killers.

What Betty’s session is showing us, is that her mind was holding onto the thought that her parents’ relationship and subsequent breakup was somehow her fault. Not true. Betty’s subconscious indicated she chose to incarnate to abusive parents because they would provide her soul with maximum exposure to mental illness, which for her 2 parents was a karmic relationship. We tend to choose scenarios in life that will allow us as human beings maximum growth. Betty went on to release fear of life, terror, all thoughts telling her that she was to blame for her parents relationship and split, as well as every thought telling her she is worthless. Betty released all addictions and began to love herself for the first time. Betty enrolled in classes as a reiki student and felt right at home with other healers. Betty realized that her mind’s thoughts were bullying her into being nothing and no one. Her mind relentlessly told her that it was her fault that her parents fought and split. Not true. The human mind is a very powerful and sophisticated super computer that should be working for you, not against you. When the mind thinks thoughts about you that are negative or worse…toxic…..that’s how you know you are being bullied by your own mind. Thoughts that are negative and/or toxic, remove from you your inner light or they can dim your inner light. The issue for humanity at this time is to release every issue causing your inner light to be dimmed or completely shut off. When the mind reaches the status of bully, you have work to do to heal yourself, because the mind, as your computer, will run you into the ground if you do not take your power back from it by healing within.

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