Do I Need An Emotion Code Session?

For those of you wondering about this question, the answer is a resounding yes! Dr Bradley Nelson is the person who created this profound energy healing system that is both simple yet massive. Simple because we are all created the same and this means we are all capable of using his healing method. Massive because moving energy out and away from you, heals you.

Not many people are taught about energy healing and the various modalities because that was labeled a long time ago as witchy-type shit. What a crock! When you get sick physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc., who stands to gain something the most from you being ill? That’s right, one plus one equals two, and most people today are learning this lesson real quick: I am my own healer. This DOES NOT mean there is not a place for everything. There is. But you are creating everything going on in your life. When we become ill, there are those who profit on your sickness, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Why not find out how you truly work/heal?

The Emotion Code was created by a retired chiropractor: Dr Bradley Nelson. I first came across his work when I was employed at a holistic chiropractor’s office as a medical massage therapist. Towards the end of my time as a physical healer, I was seeing more and more patients getting upset when they were released at the end of their treatment plan, for maintenance only. As the old expression goes: When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear. At this time in my life I had been ignoring signs to step into energy healing. Why? Same reason everyone else ignores the signs – stubborn. I was content at my job and making good money. I wanted it to stay that way. Many of you reading this are receiving signs right now to move forward into energy healing yet you resist due to stubbornness. State the following affirmation to help “unstick” your gallbladder from monotony:

Affirmation: Monotony rules over no one. 10x

While nearing the end of my career as a physical healer, I began to have more and more patients seeing me as their LMT, crying that they were still in alot of pain. On film (x-ray or MRI) they were structurally sound and I had handled their soft tissue issues and these patients were clear according to the doctor. Seeing more and more of these type patients began to become a sign for me that something was “incoming” and I am to start paying attention. One of my very last massage patients came in after living thru a family tragedy – the death of a loved one – and I could feel the energy of the deceased loved one crawling all over my patient. I immediately needed sage, but was in the middle of a treatment and could not do this. I knew right then and there that it was time to find out what was “next” for me, outside of physical healing. When you experience something that makes you sick, makes you take notice, that is usually time for you to move on.

I then began researching energy healing. I came across Dr Bradley Nelson’s website and read his bio. I immediately resonated with his words, as far as him having patients in his chiropractic office who were not healed from pain, yet they exhibited no physical symptoms post treatment. He was led into energy healing. I would say – visit his website and begin reading his book: The Emotion Code. It is life changing. I studied The Emotion Code and took Dr Bradley Nelson’s certification course. I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and began taking on clients. His method involves identifying and releasing trapped emotions (which are energy that vibrate) from your being. Our outer layer is energy. This energy field covers over your entire physical body, permeates thru it, and affects it. Are you aware that you have an energy body? Most people have no idea,

and that is on purpose. Refer to paragraph above – there are those who profit off your illness/imbalances. According to Dr Bradley Nelson and from my experience using The Emotion Code with my clients. low vibration emotions cause harm to you because they imbalance you. Being in balance is called “homeostasis” and being out of balance causes symptoms. Symptoms of any kind are like a phone call from your body or your higher self, to check in and find out what is going on at the root level, clear it and self heal.

The Emotion Code is within my top 10 absolutes as far as energy healing. I encourage everyone to become familiar with Dr Bradley Nelson’s work and his energy healing systems. There will be a great need in the future of human beings to heal naturally.

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