Do you know that most people today have unconscious habits/programs? Take a look at this 8 minute animated short called “Alike”, made by Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez.

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This film shows us how most people today go about their day in an unconscious manner, which is very damaging. Many clients I work with are very stressed because of their daily lives, yet have no idea what causes them to create a life they do not desire. We as a species look so much like the animated people in this film short; programmed to conform, with no creativity at all. Some programming comes from society; some programming comes in your DNA. On top of programming, what are some of the reasons causing people to create a life they do not desire? One big reason is not hearing your own hearts voice. The heart is the seat of our intelligence and a powerful guidance system. When our heart is hurt, in pain, walled off, broken, shattered, and/or disconnected, the mind takes over to keep us going. Some people today live with their mind telling them what to do. Just as we see in this animated short, when we have no creativity occurring in our lives, the daily life of a human being looks very unhappy, almost as if the characters souls have been sucked dry (they lose their color in the film short). When I mention creativity, I do not mean playing a violin or music in particular. This animated short used the violinist as an example of creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability to create. Creativity is not limited to artwork or music. Every day we are each creating our life. This is the creativity I am speaking about….creating your life. Are you able to create the life you desire or do you look like the characters in this animated short who are losing their color? Daily life can feel like survival when we are unable to create the life we desire. We are not here to survive, we are here to thrive. Daily life can be unbearable for people who cannot hear their heart. The heart is where creativity comes from. If you are unable to hear your heart and if you are unable to be guided by your heart in creating the life you desire, then you are not thriving. Let us determine what has caused you to be unable to hear your heart, what has caused you to be unable to create. I am able to intuitively connect with you and find out what has caused this to happen. Together we can restore your heart to its proper place, which is the guidance system of your life. The heart creates with love. Love is a requirement of creation and all that you desire.

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