The definition of strife is conflict. Conflict is caused by a refusal of truth, or another way to state this is……a refusal to see.

When we are receiving strife in our lives, the ego attacks both yourself and the other person. Many people live deeply inside strife because it’s all they know. The mind tells them to attack instead of see the truth of the situation. All strife is conflict, and conflict is caused when the conscious mind is confronted with a truth that the conscious mind does not want to address.

Betty arrived to her session carrying a ton of pain in her face. Yes, age is just a number! However, you can look at someone’s face and see them age prematurely due to carrying pain around for a long time. We have all looked at someone and thought their biological age was greater because of the pain etched on their face. Betty stated she had booked her intuitive energy healing session because her life was filled to overflowing with conflict. Betty stated she was in conflict with her boss, her family, and her next door neighbor, and the stress of maintaining these relationships with strife was causing her heart to have palpitations as well as rapid breathing. Betty stated she thought she was going to have a major panic attack if another full blown conflict arose. Betty’s friend suggested she stop creating conflict, which caused Betty to become irate with her friend. The friend then suggested Betty book a session with me to heal this rift. Betty knew her friend had always had her best interests at heart and heeded her friends advice.

Once I connected to Betty, her subconscious began with the outer layer of conflict with her next door neighbor. Betty was aged 55 and her neighbor was a young, newly married couple who had just bought their first home. This couple had weekends off and most Saturdays and Sundays were spent bar-b-qing and having parties with friends. Betty felt their music was too loud and instead of asking her neighbor to turn down the music, called the police instead. From that time onward, animosity was created and what we call “tit for tat” occurred. Betty’s subconscious released this outer layer, which was her conscious mind’s grip over her entire life. A tight grip is a type of possession. When your life is owned and controlled, you are possessed. Betty’s mind possessed her entirely. During her first session, Betty began to release her mind’s possession of her entire life, called….a tight grip.

Betty reported back after her 10 day processing period that she was beginning to see that “neighbor feud” with a new perspective and she now felt remorse over her handling of the initial issue. Betty’s subconscious advised during session #2 that nothing is out of place, because the next door neighbors were serving her with strife, to continually bring her issue of strife up to heal it at the root level. Whatever we choose to not heal….the subconscious will continue to create it. I know that’s a bombshell for people, but it’s true. You can take baby steps with healing, but you will continue to be confronted by the truth over and over and over again until you agree to release the issue at the root level. We have all pulled weeds from our home gardens, lawns, patios, etc., yet if the weeds have roots – deeper, hidden – then the weeds will sprout up over and over again until we remove the entire weed at the root level. Your issues are the same way – they are rooted in something and you are responsible for getting to the root.

Betty’s subconscious revealed that the next door neighbors were an exuberant couple, newly married, who were 2 benevolent beings. Betty’s subconscious identified jealousy as an outer layer to be released, and she did. Betty stated she lashed out in anger because her marriage had ended badly and she was jealous that she never experienced having fun in her first home when she got married. Jealousy is one of those things that we tend to discount in people who are older just because – hey – what could they possibly be jealous of – they are older and have lived longer. They may be older and lived longer than you have, but it doesn’t mean they are exempt from negative/toxic feelings.

During Betty’s 3rd session, she reported back that she had attempted to reconcile with her next door neighbors by apologizing, which they accepted, but Betty consciously stated they rebuffed her continued attempts to engage in conversation. Betty described their neighborly interactions as hello and goodbye. Betty stated she would like to befriend this couple, yet feared making any overt attempt to extend her heart towards them other than hello and goodbye. Once I connected to Betty, her subconscious indicated Betty came from a divided family. A divided family is one where there is strife and conflict. Betty immediately released her mind’s possession by thoughts of fear of being herself. Betty consciously stated she was raised in a large family where there was little to go around. Hard times build character….is a statement we were often told by well-intentioned parents. However, hard times are being created and each one of us is here now to get to the root cause reason of what is causing us to create hard times. Betty released the inherited thought that life is hard. Betty then re-set her entire mind from fear of being herself – to self love. After this session, Betty required a lengthy processing period of one year.

I saw Betty for the final time after one year and she stated she was able to extend her heart to her next door neighbors by communicating her feelings with them. Communicating her feelings allowed Betty to speak to her neighbors aside from a singular apology, and tell them that she had missed out on having house parties as a newlywed because she and her husband were too busy fighting with each other. Betty stated she would love to attend one of their house parties and the neighbors reciprocated by extending their hearts to Betty in the form of an invitation to their next house party. Although older than most guests, Betty felt right at home. This is a clear cut example of how extension of the heart heals you and others. Extending the heart is done in many ways, but the most important way by far is extension of the heart via communication. If you are not communicating… are not relating…you do not have a relationship….the human heart is in a state of non-use. When a human heart is in a state of non-use for too long, a re-set will happen, which oftentimes we label an attack. Betty’s session results allow us all a glimpse into what is going on within society today as human beings. Most are very deeply subconsciously programmed to divide, because the ego has taken power from the heart. The mind takes power from the heart due to fear. If I were to tell you that all fear is not real, that would surely set off alarm bells, which the ego calls truth. The ego’s definition of true is the opposite of the heart’s definition of true. The heart’s truth is love. The mind/ego’s truth is fear.

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