The human energy field contains memories and complex emotions – all generated by the heart and mind. What happens when someone’s thoughts are negative on a consistent basis? The thoughts spill over from the mind into the energy body, which surrounds the physical body. As we strive to live the lives we desire each day, this article is being made available to you to make you aware of the importance of cleansing your own energy field. The subtle human body is called the energy body and it is a highly sophisticated part of you. Even though your physical eyes do not see it, it’s a part of you. The proper cleansing of it is essential in order to keep your energy body free from what we call contaminants. Contaminants can be your own negative thoughts or those you have absorbed from someone else. Another example of contaminants can be your emotions. All negative emotions sit around the heart and if we suffer through a crisis, shock, trauma, or daily stress – those emotions can and do become trapped. If you have emotions circling your heart, eventually you will feel the squeeze…..literally and figuratively. If these emotions begin to stagnate around the heart, our heart begins to create what we call symptoms. All symptoms are a form of communication. The best way to describe this to you is to ask you to place your own hand (either one) over your heart and state this affirmation out loud 5x in a row: I love myself. What type of emotion do you feel now? Do you feel happy? Do you feel angry? or Do you feel nothing at all? There is no right or wrong answer. Only what you feel is important. If you do not feel happy, then most likely you have emotions trapped around your heart. As the emotions remain, they continue to grow in size. The subtle human energy body begins to fill with the energy of those emotions, which cause you to vibrate a particular frequency. The emotion of love vibrates the highest frequency, while the emotion of fear vibrates the lowest frequency. Whatever frequency you are vibrating means you are broadcasting it out into the world without ever uttering a word from your mouth. This communication is being done automatically by your subtle energy body. If someone broadcasts out to the world the emotion of fear, the universe supplies them with the matching frequency. If someone is broadcasting out to the world the emotion of love, the universe supplies them with the matching frequency. What I am saying here is that whatever is held inside your energy body/energy field, it is affecting you even if you are not consciously aware of it. In order to assist your energy body in cleansing itself, I have a few pointers you may find helpful.

First, invest in dry sage. Your local metaphysical store may be a good resource for dry sage. This is also called smudging by the Native American Indians. Dry sage is lit, a small amount at a time, and it smokes in a bowl, shell, or any other glass container. As the smoke billows, hold the lit sage arms length away from your physical body and allow the smoke to billow in front of you and then behind you. State your intention while doing this: I will release all negative energy from within my energy field. A few minutes of sage-ing is great. You can then walk through your living space allowing the smoke to billow slightly in each room before moving on to the next one. Closets and garages are also to be saged.

Another way you can cleanse your energy body is with spray sage. Your local metaphysical store should carry this in a spray bottle. Sage can be sprayed into your living space – all rooms, garage, and closets as well as your car and yourself. Take care NOT to spray sage into your face! I sometimes require sage spray on my Crown Chakra after a particularly negative session with a client, meaning the clients energy that I am connected to is very negative. Sage spray is one of my absolute essentials.

My next essential is Epsom Salts. You can purchase a bag of Epsom Salts anywhere. I usually use 2 cups of Epsom Salts in a filled tub and soak for at least 15 minutes. Epsom Salts has the ability to cleanse us from negative energy.

Last but most importantly is grounding your bare feet on the earth! I can’t say it enough – grounding heals us.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If after stating the affirmation contained in this blog post you do not feel good about loving yourself, it’s time to schedule an appointment to work with me.

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