Do you ever call upon anyone for help, or are you the type to follow what everyone else does. What I’m asking here is when you have a challenge you’re faced with, do you get help from the usual tried and true ways? Tried and true ways are tried, but not always true because if you find yourself faced with the same repeated challenge – then the ways are not true but false. This means when we are faced with challenges, and we all are, those challenges grab onto us and do not let go until we have done what’s needed to find out what caused us to create that challenge in the first place. Most of us have been told when times get tough, we need to get tough also. How about we change that age-old phrase and say to ourselves…….When the times get tough, let me go within myself and ask: What is it I’m supposed to learn from this challenge? Asking that question shifts the entire challenge and allows the person to look at it from a different perspective. Let’s get into some examples of how asking that question during any challenge in our lives is the best way to go.

I would say many people alive today struggle with the thing called daily life. We are conditioned to compete for scarce pay, scarce jobs, scarce free time, etc. Many people today live with these types of challenges. Let’s take the scarce free time first. Human beings require time to “be”. This means when we “do”, we are not in a state of “be”-ing. The “do”-ing causes high levels of stress unless it’s balanced by living in a state of “be”-ing. We have been conditioned to work multiple jobs for pay because everything is made to be that way. As this type of a lifestyle goes on, the human “be”ing weakens from stress. We all know the physical symptoms of stress, because every single one of us alive on this planet has experienced stress. With a large amount of stress we tend to exit the present moment also. Our daily lives become unbearable from the “do”-ing and we need relief from it, so many people exit the present moment and enter into another space. For some it may be the past, which adds more stress; for others it may be the future, which also adds more stress. Any time we are living elsewhere other than the present moment, we cannot create. All creating is done within the present moment only. My prior question would be good to ask right about now: What is it I’m supposed to learn from this challenge of scarce free time? The answer for someone may be……I am a workaholic and if I have free time, who will I spend it with? That question helps us to see the real issue. Some people are workaholics because they do not desire having any free time on their hands because if they spend it with a family member with whom they have unresolved issues with, it’s too painful.

Let’s take the next issue of scarce money. We will again ask that question: What is it I am supposed to learn from this challenge? For someone it could be they do not take responsibility. When people take responsibility for themselves, they are able to take themselves where their heart desires on all levels. Taking responsibility is a biggie, because most people do not like to be in the spotlight as the cause of their own pain. We have all been taught to know we are a victim of another. If we think we are a victim, we will never take responsibility for our actions, and thus we will remain in a state of pain. As the pain sits and stagnates within us, it grows until we develop any type of physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional pain. Asking that question leads us down a path to healing. Now, the path may have stops along the way or roads we must also travel down in order to reach the root level, but the point is, that question allows us to identify what is causing the scarcity of money. There is no one blanket correct answer because everyone is different. We have all incarnated into our current lives with baggage. We are here to set the baggage down while we are alive. Healing is not one size fits all, and this is why healing ourselves at the root level is imperative. I often tell my clients that you know, without any words being spoken, when your car needs to be fixed because when your dashboard lights up, unless you can fix it yourself, you take it to a mechanic who can get to the root cause. The car does not speak to you at all. It lights a light and you know what the symbol means and you insist that your mechanic fix your car at the root level. Why not do the same with your own self? Asking questions will help you do that.

What about scarce jobs? Yes, we have all been conditioned to know that the entire Earth is filled to overflowing with scarcity and that’s 100% false, but we will save that for another newsletter. So lets say someone has a job they despise but stay there because they think – jobs are scarce. The thought “jobs are scarce” is literally creating that reality – that there are very limited jobs out there. And the way it works is that they will not create a new job. Instead they can ask: What is it I am supposed to learn from this challenge? The answer for some people may be that the “thought that jobs are scarce” must be elimated. For someone else they may have a fear of change, which stops them from pursuing a new job. For someone else they may say – I can’t find another job, yet they never look, and this is called procrastination. Maybe they procrastinate because they do not take responsibility for themselves. Again, the path of healing takes many routes, but the bottom line for us all is – What is it I’m supposed to learn from this challenge? Whatever we do learn requires us to be willing to learn it in the first place.

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