Chakras and Moods

Most of us have been feeling moody at one point or another, especially over the past 2+ years with everything going on in society and around the world. Many of us have felt stressed out, upset, moody, unable to feel uplifted, down, sad, and so on. Why?

I usually tell my clients to look at their Chakras. The chakras are openings along your physical body that draw in automatically, what’s called – life force energy/prana/chi. This life force energy is what gives you life while you are here inside your physical body. Much of what goes on in this world today is being done to control your mood, if you allow it. Sometimes it’s hard not to have a strong mood when we hear of world events. Whatever mood we are in, can depend not only on what we are reacting to – but WHY we are reacting to it. It usually leads to the condition or health of your Chakra System being healthy or unhealthy. An unhealthy Chakra System will lead to physical illness.

When your chakras are shut or closed, you are essentially a closed door in that area of your physical body – to life giving energy (life force energy). As a chakra remains closed like a closed doorway, your life force diminishes or slows. When your life force slows down, you are not as vital, not as balanced, not as healthy. Therefore, in order to maintain wellness in today’s day and age, your Chakras should be viewed as a very important system to learn about, heal it, and maintain it. Maintaining your chakra system requires very little work on a daily basis. I usually recommend communicating with your higher power, Source, God, the Divine, the Universe – whatever you label it. This communication allows for high levels of Spiritual Health, which I will be discussing in a future post. I also recommend getting your bare feet onto the Earth as much as possible. Research the terms: “grounding” and “earthing”, and you will find out how this practice works and why it is essential for your overall wellbeing. When you have multiple Chakras that are shut/closed, this will usually usher in a health crisis with your physical body. So again, your Chakra System is a vital part of you that requires maintenance. Without it, you will go thru life with “less than” life force energy. Anyone living thru today’s times on Earth with “less than” life force energy – is going to have a very difficult time. The more life force energy you have circulating thru you, the healthier you will be on all levels. Therefore, having your Chakra System assessed, healed, and maintained is essential in today’s world.

Let’s take an example of what I am talking about. I have a client who watches network TV news. This client is a profound Medium. When she watches the network news, her mood turns dark. Her aura stops glowing and begins to dim. Her Crown Chakra closes/shuts every time she exposes herself to the network news channels/programming. Her Crown Chakra sits approximately 2 inches above her physical skull and this opening (crown) is her connection to Source/God/Divine etc. Whenever someone closes their Crown Chakra – they are not receiving any life force energy thru it and their connection to Source stops. This then leads to the central nervous system speeding up to a frantic state as the network news channels tell lies to terrorize. Terror is a potent emotion, and when felt, it can raise blood pressure, cause the central nervous system into fight or flight syndrome, and much more.

This client had a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session with me and upon looking at her Crown Chakra to assess it, I saw within it a past life experience of her soul being a newscaster. Now recognize here that this is one person’s issue and this is NOT a blanket statement for every soul out there who is opening and closing their Crown Chakra. This is but one example, based on my experience. In a past life this soul was hired as a newscaster, or someone who reads a teleprompter – and could care less what the words were, she just read them. News is casting a spell. Spells are used as a means to control energy. So indirectly this soul was involved in casting spells on human beings in a past life. Her current life karma – or the balancing out of harm to others indirectly – is now happening. This client is compelled to watch the network news channels, reacts to the news, becomes moody, and closes her Crown Chakra – cutting herself off from Source and life force energy coming in. The ensuing mood is always a darkening of her inner light, anxiety which is the frantic thoughts the mind produces because of being severed from Source.

At some point in our lives, all human beings will have to make choices of how they want to live their life – the way they are told to live it or to live it as one interconnected with everyone else. That time is rapidly approaching.

Choose to have your Chakra System assessed and heal yourself. Your mood then changes, your Chakras open, your vibe then changes – and you send that out as energy to the rest of humanity. Grow, heal, be the light!

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