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Your chakras are a very complex energy system. Chakras refer to energy points, or avenues of energy entering and exiting your body. Chakras spin and remain open if your energy is balanced. When out of balance, as most people’s chakra systems are, the chakras can stop spinning, which means you have no energy entering into your body. Chakras can slow down their spinning, which also means you are not receiving energy within your body, not enough anyway. Chakras can also shut/close. This requires intuitive energy healing work to find out what the root cause reason is for you to create something to shut/close your chakra(s).

Chakras – when fully open and when spinning correctly (full force) – keep your energy body in balance, your emotions in balance, and your physical body in balance. Therefore it is vital to know the function of your chakras, i.e. a Chakra Assessment.

Here is a very brief description of the locations of the various chakras shown in the diagram above, as well as what can be affecting each chakra.

Root Chakra: located at the tip of the spine (coccyx bone), radiates thru both right and left hips. Any conditions involving your low back, both hips or 1 hip – has something to do with your Root Chakra not spinning or being fully shut. Ungrounded people live in the mind, not their heart, and often have Root Chakra issues. The Root Chakra has to do with your roots – your foundation in your current lifetime, your family from birth, your family who raised you, inherited thoughts, inherited unhealed traumas from ancestors, and much much more.

Sacral Chakra: located approximately 1″ above your belly button. This chakra is deeply affected by a closed Root Chakra. When energy does not reach someone’s Root Chakra because it’s closed, the Sacral Chakra is starved for energy, therefore rendering someone incapable of creating a life they truly desire.

Solar Plexus Chakra: located approximately 3 fingers below the bottom tip of your sternum bone. This chakra can spin wildly when the Root & Sacral Chakras are not balanced, open, and spinning at full force. Your self esteem rests within and around this Solar Plexus Chakra. Assessing its condition is vital to your own self esteem and more.

Right and Left Palm Chakras: located approximately 1/2″ above the center of each palm. Radiates love. This is a master chakra. These palm chakras have the ability to feel energy, or pickup energy from other people. When closed, the palm chakras do not feel energy from others. We all need boundaries with people and without boundaries to keep you safe, other people’s energy can and does affect you. The 2 palm chakras have the ability to transmit energy out of them, such as during a Reiki healing treatment. Research Kirlian Photography and Reiki for more details, i.e. how that works. A closed palm chakra on one or both hands denies you of having a full living experience on this Earth because you are not receiving hand to hand help from Heaven. This is non-religious information (based on my experiences working intuitively with clients). Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Heart Chakra: located directly above the 6th rib – center of your chest. This is a master chakra center comprising love. When the 3 lower chakras are not balanced, the Heart Chakra remains shut as a protective mechanism. With a fully shut Heart Chakra, we are unable to love – unable to give and receive love. Most often associated with childhood (Root) traumas that must be identified and released.

Throat Chakra: located at the level of your Thyroid Gland, which wraps around the Adams apple bone in the neck or thereabouts. This is also a master chakra involving our communication. Right now many people have a Throat Chakra spinning in the wrong direction, which means what they speak are lies – false thoughts about self and others.

3rd Eye Chakra: located between your eyebrows. This chakra is located deep inside the center of your brain. Your brain is a computer and the operating system/hard drive of you. Keeping this 3rd Eye Chakra open is very challenging for those whose Heart Chakra is closed.

Crown Chakra: located approximately 2″ above the top of your skull. This chakra allows in light/energy from above, which we call Universal Life Force Energy, chi, prana, etc. If your Crown Chakra is shut, you are not receiving enlightenment – or light from above. Light from above heals you automatically – without thought or conscious action. An open, fully spinning Crown Chakra is vital as we move into further darkness on this Earth.

Right and Left Feet Chakras: located 1/2″ under the bottom of each foot, right and left. These chakras often contain energy within them from past lives. At the time of physical death we have the choice to exit our physical body from above – thru the Crown – or below thru the feet. Sometimes people choose to exit thru the feet, which is similar to squeezing a moose thru a straw. On the way out of the physical body, the soul leaves behind toxic energy within these chakras on the bottom of the feet. This toxic energy is most often past life experiences we did not learn from and past life experiences we refused to learn from, therefore they are carried forward with us into the next physical body we inhabit, like baggage around the feet. When the feet are burdened with baggage, we have a difficult time creating what we want in life. It is vital for your 2 feet chakras to receive some type of daily grounding. Research the terms “grounding” and “earthing”. The bare feet touching the Earth or a Grounding Mat is an essential self-care step to incorporate immediately regardless of your Chakra Assessment results.

Chakra Assessments are now available on my website, just click tab “Chakra Assessment”. I recommend Chakra Assessments for everyone. Chakra Assessments come with a Recommendation Sheet, which allows you to begin self healing.

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