Chakra Assessment – Why Is It Important To Do?

Having an intuitive Chakra Assessment (or me looking at) your chakras is imperative, especially now. What we understand as health and healing, is now being exposed globally as false. Your health and your care are up to you, to a much larger degree than what we are taught.

What steps do you take to research health and self-care? An important step to research has to do with the condition of, or state of your chakras.

Chakras are openings that allow energy into them. The energy flowing into your chakras is called Universal Life Force Energy. Without Universal Life Force Energy reaching you, you would not be living in a physical body. Therefore, having a constant incoming flow of Universal Life Force Energy through your chakras is essential to your health and wellness. Chakras connect your physical body with your energy body and much more. For the purposes of keeping this Newsletter in layman’s terms – your chakras are another operating system that you can either keep healthy, or allow in sickness, symptoms, issues, etc.

I offer Chakra Assessment & Recommendation sessions for those who are looking at their overall well-being and seeking health and wellness. Having a chakra that is not functioning as it should be, is indicative of imbalance. Imbalance is another word for non-homeostasis, illness, dis-ease, etc. In today’s day and age, more and more people are choosing to focus on their health and well-being, and that’s a good thing.

Here is an example of a recent Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session I did for a client. She has agreed to let me use her exact information, however the name has changed. Using examples helps me explain how my work is of benefit to you.

Betty came to me asking what type of session would benefit her most – at a time in her life where her mom had recently passed away and Betty was experiencing very sharp pain in her right hand and right elbow. Being right hand dominant caused Betty to have pain every day. Nothing physical was determined to be the cause post MRI, and Betty was prescribed steroids for joint pain, which did nothing to reduce her pain. Betty was referred to me by another client, as is often the case of how people find me and my work – when nothing cuts the pain and nothing they have done thus far is working.

I was able to intuitively “see” that Betty required release of a past life experience stuck inside her right palm chakra, and booked her for a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session.

Aside from assessing Betty’s entire chakra system – for the purposes of this Newsletter – I am focusing on her symptoms of extreme piercing sharp right hand and right elbow pain with no physical explanation.

During her session, I was able to look inside her right palm chakra and “see” what was clogging it – up to and beyond her right elbow – a past life scene wherein her soul was in a past life saying goodbye to her spouse who was dying in a hospital bed. Betty’s soul was holding her spouse’s hand as he soul exited from his physical body. Bettys soul was using her right hand in this past life and was holding her spouse’s left hand as he passed away.

Many times, unbeknownst to us, when a loved one passes away and we are in close physical proximity to them – some of their death energy splatters on to us. This is not gory, not blood and guts. This is only energy I am speaking about.

Think of this analogy – if you are holding a balloon that is fully inflated with air, then you put wet paint on the balloon and it pops – that wet paint will splatter everywhere.

When someone’s soul detaches from their physical body at the time of death, there is a pop of energy as the soul releases, and sends death energy splattering outward.

In Betty’s case, her soul – in a past life – happened to be holding hands with her spouse as he passed on. So, within Betty’s right palm chakra was sitting his death energy. Betty’s spouse passed away feeling overwhelming pain from ruptured relationships in life. Her spouse – in this past life – was balancing out karma and had very painful experiences with his career, and he died in pain over ruptured relationships in his workplaces (3). The energy of pain also clogged Betty’s right palm chakra. As we exit from a physical body, everything energy related gets discharged.

The pain in Betty’s right hand and right elbow belonged to a spouse of hers in a past life. Sounds far out, right? Not really. People are not consciously taught about self healing, wellness, or health. The time is now – especially now – for everyone to assess their chakra systems and clear them out, open them up, and self heal.

When your chakra system is fully functioning, your chakras glow. Having a glowing chakra system means you are receiving Universal Life Force Energy at a level of 100%. Having a fully functioning chakra system allows energy to keep your physical body in homeostasis, which is balance. Having a physical body in balance allows your mental and emotional state to be in balance/unity also.

For the time being, I am offering an introductory rate of $30 for a full Chakra Assessment & Recommendation. Pricing will increase in November, so book now by contacting me via email:

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