Bringers Of The Dawn, Teachings From The Pleiadians

Barbara Marciniak is an internationally known trance channel who states that she has channeled beings from the star system Pleiades. Pleiades is a local star to Earth, visible in the night sky. What if there are beings alive within the star cluster called Pleiades? What if these beings were able to communicate their wisdom telepathically to human beings on Earth? Barbara Marciniak’s book explores this, with her channelling sessions laid out in this book. Definitely worth a read, as there are gems of wisdom found throughout. Here are some highlights that relate very heavily to the world we now find ourselves living in/created.

On page 21 Barbara writes: “chaos and confusion must come to break down the system”. Wow. Sure sounds about right. How are you being a part of the chaos? Are you allowing your subconscious mind to be programmed without your conscious awareness? I have repeatedly spoken about this: the fact that your subconscious mind creates your reality on this physical plane and all steps necessary to remove all false programs from within your subconscious mind so that you are free to create the reality your heart desires.

On page 33 Barbara writes: “a portal that involves manipulation of the human population”. Fascinating if this is true. This book is a definite recommended read.

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