Book Review: Plan A Happy Life by Stephanie Fleming

Stephanie Fleming wrote a new book called Plan A Happy Life, which I have just finished reading. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Stephanie Fleming is the creator of The Happy Planner – a product line for planning, journalling, and much more. I have used Stephanie’s products with success and couldn’t wait to read her new book.

Planning allows your mind and heart to connect and work together to create your dreams, goals, plans, etc. Journals allow your heart and mind to have an outlet to express your feelings and thoughts. All of this constitutes connectivity to self. Whenever we connect deeply to ourselves, we are “in the zone” so to speak. Being in the zone means living inside the present moment. Living inside the present moment is the only place you can create from. You cannot create in the past and you cannot create in the future. Residing inside the present moment allows you to create in the here and now. Using a planner and/or a journal – allows you to get in touch with your heart’s desires. Identifying what you desire is the first step and a step that most people do not take the time to look at. Why? Because they are engulfed with feelings of: I am not worthy. Stephanie addresses this is Chapter 2.

Other chapters in this book give detailed descriptions of how to get started. Stephanie lists phenomenal questions in her book, which are meaningful prompts you can use to connect to yourself using your heart and mind as one. Here are a few gems listed in Stephanie’s book:

1) “What is it you most want to do?”

2) “Are there things you’d like to change about yourself or areas you’d like to grow in?”

3) “Are there new things you’d like to try?”

4) “What could you talk about for hours?”

5) “What obstacles will make it challenging to live your happiest life?”

6) “What do I need to do, and when do I need to do it in order to achieve my goals?”

7) “What happiness will you create in your life today?”

8) “Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start?”

These questions and many more are posed in Stephanie’s book, which is a MUST read! I challenge you to read Stephanie’s book and plan, journal, create, and love the life you have been given. Those who live inside the present moment of now – can and do create what their heart’s desire. Reading Stephanie”s book is an absolute eye-opener on many levels. For those of you who read this Blog Article and tell yourself – How is this going to help me, taking on another task each day to plan, write, journal….it sounds tedious. Believe me, it’s not. Make some fun in your day, carve out a few extra minutes to begin answering those questions above – planning your goals, life, and journalling to express what your heart and mind have to say. You will not regret it!

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