Benefits From Working With An Intuitive

How does working with an Intuitive benefit you? This is a great question that was asked of me recently, by someone inquiring about my work.

Intuitive healing allows you the client to come into contact with the truth from your own subconscious mind. How does that work? The intuitive is able to read your energy, and know what is within your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is something that everyone should be researching and learning about. The subconscious mind creates your reality on a daily basis. Your conscious thoughts have influence over your life – absolutely – but the role the subconscious mind plays in creating your life on a daily basis is huge. An intuitive healer is able to help you identify and release whatever is causing your symptoms at the root level.

What physical symptoms are you having? What is the root cause reason for your physical symptoms? People tend not to think about these questions, but as we move forward in time, these questions are essential. Knowing what is the root cause reason for anything going on in your life, is essential, in order for you to be able to heal it.

Let’s take a very common symptom – not sleeping at night. I get lots of clients with this chief complaint – the inability to sleep at night. What is the root cause reason for this physical symptom? It varies depending upon each person, but here is an example: Not being able to sleep at night is a sign that your central nervous system (your electrical organs: heart, brain, spinal cord) are inside “fight or flight” syndrome for too long. This would be similar to running a high performance engine at top RPMs and the engine burns out/melts down. Waking up at night could stem from a myriad of root causes, however, for simplicity sake, I am using this example to explain how working with an intuitive benefits you.

Most people who are not able to sleep at night are prescribed meds. There is a place for everything yes, however, you need to research any and all side effects, because the truth is – pills are not a magic bullet. They may be required on a temporary basis depending upon the reason for you not sleeping at night, however, they are not a long-term solution because they contain side effects, sometimes life threatening side effects.

So what is someone to do if they are unable to sleep at night? Work with an intuitive healer. Why? Because an intuitive healer will be able to read your energy/subconscious mind, and tell you what the root cause reason is for creating this symptom. Once the root cause reason has been identified, you can then release it. Once fully released, the symptom of not being able to sleep at night – will dissolve.

This is just one example and it’s a physical symptom. People can also have symptoms such as mental symptoms, emotional symptoms, spiritual symptoms or psychic symptoms. The most popular are physical symptoms yes, but they are not exclusive. With everything going on in today’s world, many many clients come to me describing mental symptoms such as depression and anxiety. These symptoms are rooted in something, and clients now want to know what the root cause is, so that they can heal these symptoms, which are sometimes debilitating. Whatever type symptom or symptoms you are having, know that you are creating it in order to go thru a learning experience. There are people who can help you learn and then heal, which we call an intuitive energy healer. Contact me today if you are wanting to get to the root cause reason(s) for any symptom(s) you are having.

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