Lots of times I work with clients who are consciously willing to work with me, yet when issues are identified and brought up, they resist releasing them because of fear. All fear comes from the thoughts the mind generates. The mind generates thoughts that are fearful, and those fearful thoughts cause resistance. Identifying and releasing your fears is a vital step on the journey to healing yourself. Let’s go over some scenarios of how fear gets in the way of healing.

What would cause someone to resist releasing the root causes of their pain, suffering, disease, and symptoms? Here is a list of some of the more common fears that clients have that cause them to resist releasing their issues:

*fear of change

*fear of the unknown (i.e….unfamiliar with energy work)

*fear of moving forward in their lives

*fear of letting go

*fear of being their true self

*fear of how the people closest to them will react when they change

*fear of letting go of their addiction to their own pain/suffering/stagnation/ill health

*fear of finding out who you truly are

*fear of being healthy

*fear of allowing your heart to open

*fear of stepping out of your comfort zone

Do any of these fears resonate with you? Are you currently in pain, suffering, stagnated, and/or in ill health? Have you ever tried energy work before? What is holding you back from healing yourself? If any one or more of the fears listed above resonates with you, then this means you are now aware of your fear(s). We cannot move past anything that we are not aware of. Once we become aware of something, we can then move forward to heal it.

Most everyone fears change, yet where would we be as individuals and a society if we did not continue to move forward and change. Change is forward movement and growth, which is a vital component to a balanced, healthy life. Somewhere along the line people become stagnated into lifestyles that no longer serve their best and highest good, yet their fear(s) hold them back from changing. Lack of forward movement and stagnation will then cause the person to develop symptoms. Symptoms are the physical body’s way of speaking to you….getting your attention. Sometimes people choose to ignore their symptoms and sometimes the person has such a high level of disconnection between their mind and their physical body that they do not even feel the symptoms unless those symptoms escalate into something major, usually involving pain. Fear of change can cause stagnation, pain, suffering, and disease.

What about fear of the unknown. Most people have this fear as well, especially involving energy work. The current society we live in today does not promote alternative healing and we all know the reasons for that. Just turn on your television and there are numerous commercials by drug companies advertising pills to take for everything that can possibly ail you. So in our current society we are programmed to suppress our physical, mental, and emotional symptoms with medications. The energy work I do accesses the subconscious mind through your energy field. The subconscious mind is akin to a super computer that stores everything about you. The subconscious mind knows everything that is trapped within you that needs to be released. I am able to connect with your energy field and access the information that is recorded in your subconscious mind. Once the information is identified, we release it. Releasing these imbalances creates perfect conditions for the body to heal itself. Most people have never been familiarized with energy work because they have been programmed to seek help outside of themselves, such as going to the doctor to prescribe medication. We are all created the same, all of our subconscious minds contain all the information we need to know to release and heal. There are many resources online to read and study about energy healing, such as Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Gregg Braden, etc. Reading about energy healing can help you become familiar with it. In my energy work, I am the conduit through which you can access the information in your subconscious mind. The subconscious will tell you what you need to release. Many people are unfamiliar with energy work, but that should not stop you from becoming aware of what it is and utilizing it in your daily life.

We are all moving out of old paradigms here on Earth. The traditional approach to healing for the western world was actually born on the battlefield in the Civil War and the world wars, based on heroic measures. Modern medicine waits until there’s a crisis that erupts and focuses on the external causes with dramatic intervention and symptom suppression. Medical ideas do change. Tonsillectomies were once considered “good surgeries” until recently, when they realized the importance of tonsils. Energy work gets to the root causes of symptoms, which allows the body to be in balance and this allows the body to heal itself. If you are unfamiliar with energy work it can be a great modality to become aware of at this time. We are breaking out of the mold mankind has been in for centuries. Energy work is the crest of the spear creating a whole new world. Remember, anything new and different has a hard time being born into this world and this is one of them.

Fearful thoughts are always generated by the mind. Choose to follow your heart when it comes to your own well being. The energy work I do can help you identify and release root cause imbalances to your being, which allows your body to heal.

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