We are here to reside inside the present moment at all times. Easier said than done. In prior newsletters we have discussed where we reside when we are not within the present moment. Our choices are…..we can choose to escape the present moment by residing in the past. If you reside in the past, chances are you have pain, both physical and mental. Living in the past provides the most pain of all because the past is what we cling to when we desire something or someone we no longer have. Living in the past is very painful. Another choice to reside in is the future. Many people go back and forth from the past to the future and back again. The future has not occurred yet and your thoughts literally create your future, so the future feels like you are living life on a never ending merry go round to nowhere. Your thoughts about the future go round and round, never ending and causing anxiety. Neither the past or the future is a natural state of presence for human beings. We are all made the same way….to reside inside the present moment. But again, easier said than done for most. Let’s look at a classic example of going back and forth from the past to the future and the ensuing never ending cycle of pain and anxiety.

Mary came to see me at the Spiral Circle and of course Mary is our fictional client. Mary complained of sky high anxiety on a daily basis as well as bad pain in her neck area. Mary was under the care of a qualified chiropractor and acupuncture doctor for pain relief. Mary stated she did not recall when the neck pain began nor did she recall what caused it. Mary stated she had never had a car accident or a fall, so she did not know what precipitated this neck pain. Mary stated her sky high anxiety seemed to always be there throughout her life.

During Mary’s 1st session, her subconscious revealed in a past life she had abandoned her life altogether when her family lost its leader, it’s matriarch, her mother. In that past life, Mary’s mother was a domineering woman who survived a very hard life. (A prior newsletter of mine went into creating a Hard Life, so be sure to read that newsletter first!) To be brief, when people create a hard life for themselves, most have tremendous karma they’re carrying around, living with, and not healing or releasing. Mary’s mother in that lifetime lived every single day of her life inside the space called survival. If you live in a state of survival for long enough, you lose what’s called joy. Without having joy, Mary’s mother went on to harden. This explains alot of behavior by the very people who say they love you but act exactly opposite of that….they have hardened, or their heart has hardened. With a hard heart, Mary’s mother succumbed to what we call a heart attack and passed away when Mary’s soul was a young child. Mary was then tasked with raising her younger siblings while her father worked 7 days a week to provide for his family. During that past life of loss, hardship, and lack of joy, Mary’s soul began to harden to life itself. This means Mary began to carry the energy called… is hard, life is too hard, and therefore it’s not worth living. This energy sat within the area of her neck, affecting her physical heart also. Because Mary had to release extreme levels of living a past life of loss and hardship, she required multiple sessions before she was able to release this fully. Sometimes clients cannot handle the energy fluctuations that releasing past life karma, experiences, and memories entails. Some clients require multiple sessions in order to fully heal. Mary had multiple sessions and released that entire past life experience of loss and hardship as well as all energy telling her that life is not worth it.

So many people today feel completely overwhelmed because they are not going within themselves to heal. This is vital to do….now sooner than later. Everything that has gone on in your life, you have created it. All for various reasons. As I have said many times, now is the time to heal yourself.

Going back to Mary…..her subconscious next revealed that she lives inside her mind which means she does not reside inside her heart center. Mary left her heart in that past life where she lost her mother and then became the mother to her siblings. This caused Mary to begin thinking life is not worth living because it’s too hard. Mary’s subconscious revealed she created that lifetime to experience abandonment and the ensuing life of being burdened at a young age. The abandonment and burdening were part of Mary’s past life karma that she needed to live out, which means to experience. Mary learned that life can become a burden when those you love abandon you. Life can also become a burden when you have past life karma to transmute.

Mary reported after releasing this “living inside her mind” and other issues that she felt very peaceful and her level of thoughts had significantly decreased. Mary’s final session with me was to call her heart back to her and connect it, which she did. Mary is currently under a year long processing period while her heart connects to her 100%. Going forward from her last session with me, Mary reported she was now concentrating on her work as a teacher. Her work with students about to embark on a career as a veterinarian would be fraught with loss and pain. Mary felt better able to connect with her students, especially during times of pain and loss concerning animals and their owners.

All of us have the ability to heal ourselves. What’s required is a willingness to go within.

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