This newsletter will focus on 3 interlinked states of being: Interdependent, Dependent, and Independent. Have you ever thought about where you reside? Are you independent? Are you dependent? Are you interdependent?

Let’s start off with the lowest vibration of the 3, which is dependency. Dependency breeds hatred of self and others. How, you ask? Because when the mind fixates on another person or a thing, the mind becomes dependent upon said person or thing. Dependency means you are not living as yourself, you are living dependent upon what someone or something else says or does. Depending is very much like being in a prison. Your life goes nowhere because while living inside a space called dependency, you are not creating. The mind’s fixation, addiction, possession, and/or obsession with another person or a thing rules the day, providing a life lived in a prison.

Next we have independent. People living inside the space called independent usually have issues with trust. The truth is there is no such thing as trust. There is only faith. Faith is not religion of any kind. Faith means you know.

Next is interdependent and as a species called human beings, this is where we are headed to. Living interdependent with another person means you are equal in most ways. Obviously if your height measures 5’1″ and your spouse measures 6’1″, that is not equal. What counts is that we are thinking, feeling, believing, and knowing that we as a species are all equal. If we check any current events worldwide, we easily see that many are not living interdependent. Living interdependent requires all subconscious programs telling you to separate, divide & conquer, I am better than, etc., must be identified and released. In practically every newsletter I write, the theme is the same….we are each tasked with going inside ourselves and healing everything we have carried within ourselves that’s causing us to separate from life, separate from one another, etc. Subconscious programs called divide & conquer run rampant among human beings by design. Who benefits from society being pitted against each other? That’s a great question and I know everyone reading this newsletter will have their own thoughts on that. But the point is, living interdependent is the way to be. Living connected with one another means no one is left out.

I had a recent experience with a family member of mine requiring a hospital stay. This person was temporarily without health insurance and the ER rejected treatment for 4 months until the health insurance kicked in. This was a shocking, traumatizing experience to visit the so-called healthcare professionals and be told that there is nothing wrong with you. When the health insurance policy kicked in, the 5th ER visit was a subsequent surgery, which removed all physical symptoms. What an eye opener! Healthcare is one of those industries we tend to think of as separate from us unless we work in the healthcare field or we know a loved one who is ill and requires a hospitalization. All of us at one time or another will either go into or know someone in a hospital setting requiring treatment. What causes this for profit system to get away with not treating ill people? Money. This thing called money is powerless unless it’s being given energy. The energy attached to most money is that it’s more valuable than a human life. How have we devolved to this point, not just in the healthcare industry, but many others? The time is now for all human beings to release every subconscious program telling you to separate, divide & conquer, or think I am better than. Living as in interdependent species is how we have all been designed. Let’s take a look at 2 fictitious clients and how living dependent and living independent are harmful to the human heart.

Our 1st fictitious client is Bob. Bob booked an appointment with me in order to “fix” his life. Bob stated that he began working odd jobs at the age of 15 to make much needed money for clothes and other things. Essentially Bob’s family lived paycheck to paycheck and some of life’s necessary essentials were hard to come by. Bob began to think…..there is no way out of being broke unless I work. Bob’s thought escalated into a full-on addiction called work-aholic. Bob stated he worked 6 days per week and had no life outside work. Bob was tired and began having problems with his both feet. He was experiencing pain in both heels and was diagnosed by his MD with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can be extremely painful because the fascia becomes hardened as it shrink wraps muscle and tissue, squeezing and squeezing, which can be very painful. Bob’s MD suggested he begin exercising and rolling a golf ball on his feet. Bob complied with the golf ball rolling, however, fitting in exercise was an issue due to his heavy work schedule.

During Bob’s 1st session, his subconscious indicated he inherited an ancestral issue that was never healed. This is often called inherited epigenetics. An ancestor on Bob’s fathers side of the family grew up during the great depression, where both work and money were scarce. Inherited ancestral subconscious programs are very real. Oftentimes we know we have inherited ancestral unresolved issues ourselves, because we commit to behaving the same way as our ancestors. We inherit far more than eye color! Bob easily released this inherited thought that work and money are scarce.

During Bob’s 2nd and final visit, his subconscious revealed Bob’s 2 feet were connected to a past life of his own, where he died broke. The energy of that past life was trapped within the chakras of both feet, causing Bob tremendous foot pain. Bob released his past life experience of passing away broke and reported back to me after his 3 month processing period that both feet no longer felt any pain. Bob’s session shows us all the myriad of ways we are suffering in life unnecessarily. All it takes is a willingness to want a better life and it is available to you to create. Bob also shows us that living with the issue of strong dependence is not living. Bob was a workaholic and dependent upon his job for money. Yes we currently live in a paradigm where you must have money to pay your bills, but look past that and see how living dependent upon a job sucks you dry, rather than living interdependent with your job which would look like co-creating, enjoying your job, etc. I think you get the picture.

Let’s move on to our 2nd fictitious client Betty. Betty booked a session with me after experiencing a bitter divorce. Betty stated during her session she was lonely, but post divorce, due to bitterness, agreed to abstain from making any connection with men ever again. Betty declared her full independence from men forever and was suffering inside the space called independent.

During Betty’s 1st session, her subconscious revealed her relationship with her ex husband was 100% fueled by past life karma. Betty released that. Betty’s subconscious then indicated her mind had been subconsciously programmed by her own mother, who Betty said….hated men. We have all met people who have stated outright…..I hate so and so. The reason they say that is because they hate themselves and prefer not to heal whatever caused them to conclude that they hate another. Betty released the absorbed energy from her mother as well as the inherited thought from her mother about hating all men.

After Betty’s processing period, she reported back to me that her best friend helped her fill out a profile for an online dating website. Betty said she never got to travel much during her marriage as her ex husband was opposed. Betty stated she was a very adventurous type who loved exploring. Betty was hoping to receive a response from a male on this dating website who would be interested in meeting up for adventure trips during the daytime. After not hearing from Betty for months, I reached out to her and Betty confirmed she received multiple responses from that dating website and she was now in a great place called the present moment, interdependent with others, enjoying company of new people and places. Betty was ecstatic at the changes with her life and stated that the whole “I hate men” thing was something that had been robbing her of a life well lived.

Both Bob and Betty’s fictitious sessions elude to what happens when we live dependent and/or independent. Neither allows the heart to make connection with another. The lack of connection between human beings is staggering. We are each here to heal ourselves on the inside, so we can connect heart to heart with everyone else.

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