This newsletter focuses on the mind and if you are having any trouble with it. As you are already aware, you are creating any and all trouble with your mind. For some people a troubled mind may be excessive racing thoughts they can only shut off when they medicate legally or illegally. Racing thoughts can cause anxiety. Anxiety can cause someone to live within the fight or flight response too often, which then causes damage to the nervous system. Why would someone choose to create these racing thoughts which cause their mind to be troubled? Let’s look at a fictitious client I will call Carol.

Carol contacted me stating she was anxious, unable to sleep, was taking anti anxiety medications, yet still felt somewhat anxious on top of racing thoughts. Carol had begun doing meditation to relax her mind and she found that to be helpful but the symptom of racing thoughts remained the same. Carol shared with me that she then began a series of treatments with acupuncture. Her acupuncture treatments relieved quite a bit of her anxiety, but not all of it. Carol wanted to eradicate these symptoms completely and even joked with me that she wished she had an off switch to shut her mind off from thinking excess incessant thoughts.

During Carol’s first session with me, her subconscious indicated Carol had witnessed the passing of a loved one in her current lifetime, her father, and her subconscious mind continued to replay his passing over and over again as a form of PTSD. Carol stated she and her father had been estranged for years until they reestablished their relationship just before he passed away. Carol’s subconscious indicated she was holding onto the trauma of her father leaving the family when she was younger and she never knew why. Carol had been estranged from her father for most of her life until his illness. Carol had quite a few stuffed emotions about her father that she released with me. After clearing out the stuffed emotions such as anger, rage, confusion, and rejection, Carol’s subconscious began to tell her why she created this type of relationship with her father.

Preincarnation, Carol’s soul needed a volunteer to serve her with the lesson of rejection. In a past life, Carol’s soul had divorced her spouse and left her family in that lifetime. Karma was now being lived out by Carol in this current lifetime. Preincarnation, the soul of Carol’s father agreed to teach Carol the truth about severing relationships with your family whether through divorce or any other reason. Families are vital groups who are biological, adoptive, as well as soul families. We each get to pick who we interact with during our lives. Most of us volunteer to assist others within our soul family because we truly love them. Carol’s father volunteered to leave his family in order to provide them with rejection. Carol released all past life karma and rejection during her session with me.

During Carol’s 2nd session, her subconscious indicated her mind is holding onto a thought that she is unworthy of creating the life she truly desires. Carol’s subconscious indicated that thought began as a child in this lifetime after her father left the family. The thought…..I am not worthy to create the life I truly desire…….was creating her reality. Carol wanted to release that thought, but her mind was unwilling to. Carol’s mind had become convicted to that thought. We know the word convict means to be imprisoned. Well, the human mind can become imprisoned also; imprisoned to thoughts and beliefs that turn into convictions. Carol’s mind was imprisoned to the thought that she was not worthy of creating the life she truly desired. (Whatever thoughts and beliefs have turned into convictions, release them because they are taking away your ability to create.) Carol was convicted to that thought and before her mind was willing to release it, she needed to release her mind’s connection to her mind’s thought that it dictates. Dictating is similar to barking out orders. A dictator is someone who takes all power and holds onto it with an iron fist. Once in power, a dictator is very difficult to oust. Same thing with the mind. Once your mind has become your dictator, it barks out thoughts nonstop. And if you can’t stop it, this dictator will become even harsher, spitting out even more thoughts. Carol had become aware that her mind was her dictator and she needed to release this.

After a series of sessions to do just that, Carol reported back to me that all anxiety was gone. She was still having racing thoughts, but the level of racing thoughts was cut drastically, which afforded her the ability to relax. After releasing her mind as her dictator and the thought that she is unworthy, Carol required a very lengthy processing period before she was able to have another session. Processing periods are the time the person requires in order to fully heal from their session.

After her lengthy processing period, Carol returned to see me for her final session to release the root cause reason for her racing thoughts/troubled mind. Carol’s subconscious revealed that she had what are called energy cords with her father. Energy cords are invisible to the physical eyes, but exist nonetheless. Energy cords are what we do to connect with other people. Energy cords that run from heart to heart are called a true connection, or a love to love connection. Any other energy cords attached to us should be cut. Energy cords allow other people’s energy to flow to us unabated. Carol had multiple energy cords connecting her mind to her father’s mind. For Carol, this meant her father’s mental energy was flowing into her mind nonstop and affecting her. Carol went ahead and cut all energy cords with her father. After the final session, Carol reported back to me that her symptom of racing thoughts had stopped completely.

Looking at our fictitious client Carol allows us to become aware that we are multidimensional human beings and the root causes of our symptoms can and do vary. If you are having a troubled mind in general, your subconscious mind knows exactly why you are creating that.

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